i would

this might seem like an ordinary harry styles fan fiction but if you read on at the end there is a bug twist that will leave you turning the page wanting more


3. troubled sister :/

i text my sister about the 'news' and give her all the details. im really exited because all the guys at school wont go out with me because they know im a nervous wreck.. i mean who could blame them.. waking up to your screaming girlfriend in the middle of the night... i know i wouldnt. i sigh as i think about this. sophia texts back saying

'im in the middle of my friends mum yelling at me so if you wouldnt mind shutting the fuck up! and oh yeah, set me up with the cute irish guy.' i laugh. knowing her she will probably be yelled at for texting while being yelled at.. if that makes sence..

i get up and walk around the near by shops and find a few outfits that are really cute. i get lost in my thoughts as i am surrounded by the smell of new clothes and the touvh of soft fabric.


i get home a couple of hours later and flop down on the couch. as if on cue the home phone rings just when i sit down. my legs are killing me.

"get stuffed!" i yell at the phone. then i realize that the phone isn't coming to me so i get up and answer it myself.


"yes um hi is this sophia's sister?" woah what the fuck. how does she know who i am..

"yeah.." i said unsurely.

''Well i am janice, katies' mum. katie is the friend she slept over at last night." i bite my lip as a hold in the laughter. janice.. ha ha ha.

"is your father there? if so could i speak to him" she sounds so posh and old...

"umm.. my dads still at work.." i say awkwardly.

"oh, well do you think you could come down here sweet heart. i would like to have a conversation with you about your sisters behaviour.'' she says trying to keep her voice as calm as possible.


she tells me the adress and i get into my car  and go to 'janice's' house. its not that far away.

she lets me sit down and goes into the kitchen.

"would you like a cup of tea?"

"oh no thanks, i went to starbucks this morning" she nods and a little bit later comes and sits down in a chair opposite me. janice coughs awkwardly and i feel like yelling at her to get to the fucking point.

"uh.. well im sorry to bring this up but ever since your mum passed away sophia's been acting a little.." she tries to put this nicely.

"bitchy, selfish, like she owns the place" i say. im pretty sick of her.

she nods awkwardly.

"what did she do this time?" i sigh.

"well," she says struggling for words. jesus fucking christ. "she called Katie a bitch, threw her on the ground, punching her... all because she dropped her book." she whispers the last part. janice looks straight ahead avoiding eye contact. i struggle not to laugh my ass off.

"look, im sorry but you have to under stand that its just a stage. i mean i went through it aswell and-"

the bitch cut me off

"no you look! that behaviour is not acceptable in my house! and that isnt the only thing that girl did." then suddenly sophia and katie come running up the stairs. "molly!!!" sophia screams and wraps her arms around me. i hug her back and we soon let go.

"what else did  she do?' i lift one eyebrow and look at sophia cheekily. i can see shes trying not to laugh. 

"When i was asleep the girls snuck into my room and poured a green mixture they had made all over me and my husband!" i can't help it! i fall to the ground high-fiving sophia.

she then starts yelling at us. "come on sophia we're out of here!" i say bitchily and look at katies mum like shes the crazy one. i grab her overnight stuff and storm out of the house. i know that im the one who influencednher on all of that stuff but i really dont give a fuck.

we get in my car and i get two pairs of sunglasses out of a little conpartment in the car. i absolutely love this car. its got evcerything any girl could wish for. and its surprisingly really cheap on petrol. i give sophia a pair and put some on myself. i click a button and the roof slowly slides over our heads letting in the warm sun. i speed off down the quiet street and we scream in delight as our faces are hurled at by the wind. every time me and sophia are in the car we do this. its so fun.

we get home and sit on the couch. for a few minutes we watch tv, talk about how much of a bitch katies mum is, eat, you know stuff like that.

then i hear my phone beep..

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