i would

this might seem like an ordinary harry styles fan fiction but if you read on at the end there is a bug twist that will leave you turning the page wanting more


5. meeting up again

i looked at my phone and saw that i had a text from harry. i smiled hugely. my sister smirked and told me that i looked retarted when i smile at my phone. "thanks" i said sarcastically.

i read the text. it says 'hey:) sorry i had to go, just some stupid things to catch up on:('

'thats fine!' i replied back.

'do u want to meet up again today?'

'sure!:)' i text and Sophia tries to grab my phone away but i have lived with the girl long enough to know that she will do that to you at like any second so i move my hand still concentrating on the phone.

'where do u want to meet?' harry asks.

'idk.. how about Starbucks again?' i suggest.

'suuureee!' he replies.

'c ya there in like 5 minutes!'

i go to my room and re-apply a small amount of make-up. i fix my hair and brush off any weird crinkles in my shirt and or pants.

"Sophia!" i call from the bathroom, putting a light pink lip gloss on.


"I'm going out, OK?"

"got it!" she says "and set me up with the cute Irish guy!!!" she whines.

"your a fucking 13 year old. he'd be like 17 you know!"

"what ever, just don't have tooooooo much fun" she says cheekily. i raise my eye brow. "you know i only met him this after noon, right?"

"so what! from the way you described him, i would be all over him in a flash!"

"Jesus Christ!" i mutter under my breath grabbing my hand bag. "see.. you ..later then.." i say awkwardly.

"what ever, bye"

"bye!" i say closing the door behind me. my sister is sooo creepy. i shake it off and hop into my car.

when i get there, Harry is already seated in the same seat as before. cute! i go over and sit in the exact same seat as when we met.

"hi!" i say smiling widely, probably looking like an idiot.

"hello, love" harry says smiling back.

"watcha dooooooooooiiiiiiiinnnnnn'?" i ask randomly.

"nnoooottthhiiinnnggg much, how about yyyyyoooouuuu?" he says coppying the emphasis.

"nothing" i say simply staring at the ground. we both laugh. "god i hate these conversations!" i exclaim. then the conversation, weirdly enough, starts from there. we talk about things we do and don't like and a bit about life. he really is sweet.. i think i mi- stop it molly, you only just met him. he obviously doesn't feel the same way, so you can't fall for him.


sorry! i know it's short but i have to get ready for stuff.. my dad just told me to get off the computer soo i have to go sadly.. :(





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