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this might seem like an ordinary harry styles fan fiction but if you read on at the end there is a bug twist that will leave you turning the page wanting more


2. a new smiling friend :D

i wake up to my alarm. i moan as i stretch my aching limbs. i attempt to get up but half army crawl to the kitchen. i make myself some breakfast and eat it while leaning on the counter deciding what to do today. its Saturday so i decide to go to Starbucks, so i can wake myself up. 

i get out of my P.j's and into some deep purple skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt. then i put on some black crocodile leather slip-ons that go surprisingly well with my halfhearted outfit. i apply a small amount of make up and do my hair. since we're talking about hair can i just put this out there that some days my hair is straight, sometimes in little ringlets. its REALLY weird, but today its straight thank god. i look in the mirror to see that the tips of my brunette hair are purple. yes i dip died my hair. after my mum died i wouldn't cooperate. i did the most stupidest things. i wagged school and got piercings that i regret. (btw i changed her age.. its now 17) i get my beanie that i wear no matter what. even if it doesnt suit my outfit, but today it luckily does. its deep purple matching my jeans.

i got outside and licked the door and hopped into my mauve sports car i got for my 16th and plopped my things on the passengers seat. i started the engine and drove off. as you can see i might have a slight liking to the color purple. lol. and my number plate is personalized. it says 'SMILE!' i race down the drive way. as you can tell I'm rich. turns out my mum had a lot of money stacked away and left it for us in her will.

i get a good park next to Starbucks and walk inside. i go up to the lady whose standing at the counter and order my coffee. "sure honey.. what's your name?" she smiles.

"molly" i tell her with a smile.

i find a quiet table at the back of the shop and sit down. i get my phone out and check my twitter. i am obsessed with twitter. i am so hypnotized by my phone that i don't notice that a guy about my age has sat on the opposite side of the table. i look up at him confused and give him the 'why the fuck are you sitting with me i don't even know you' look. then i start laughing because his smile is so funny. it spreads all the way across his face and is so big that it makes his beautiful green eyes squint. then i notice a huge mass of floppy brown curls sitting on top of his head. they are amazing! i mean any guy can have floppy brown curls but his are just like.. WOW!!!

"hi!" he says rather eagerly.

"hi!" i say trying to copy him and be funny but i probably look like a retard. "mind explaining what your doing here.." i say lifting an eye brow. i uncross my legs and put my phone away.

"oh yeah..right... sorry its just your really pretty.." he shy's away. i am blushing crazily. i feel like a tomato right now..

"i-" he was about to say something when i hear my name being called.

"oh sorry, that's my order." i say getting up and running up to the counter thanking the lady grabbing my coffee and sitting back down again. "sorry go on" i say sipping my drink.

"i'm harry" he smiles.

"i'm molly" i say. "i know" harry says. i laugh because i know he knows my name because i just got called for my coffee. we stare into each others eyes for a bit but then a strong Irish accent calls Harry's name.

"we've got to go" he says. "hold on a minute Niall" harry says kind of frustrated. I look over at the Irish guy. he's actually adorable. My sister would adore him. i smile at the thought of them being together. harry turned back to me and his eyes widened. "woah" he says. I stop smiling and look at him confused. "what?" i ask. "its just i never thought about how pretty you are when you smile." i smile but try to hide it. he see's me doing this and laughs. "shut up" i say playfully. "well I've got to go" he says the smile slipping from his mouth. "but maybe we can catch up another time" his smile is back and it lights up his whole face. it makes me smile. "do you recon i could get your number?" he asks. i nod and give him my phone and he gives me his to we can type each others number in. we exchange phones again and say good bye.

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