i would

this might seem like an ordinary harry styles fan fiction but if you read on at the end there is a bug twist that will leave you turning the page wanting more


1. nightmare

"Agghhh!" i screamed as i jolted up in bed. i looked at my clock. it said 12:25am. i put a hand to my forehead and tried to forget the horrible nightmare i just had. I've been having them ever since mum died. i was 10. and Sophia, my sister, was only 8. I'm now 15. this time it was that i was actually there when she got murdered by that bastard. as you can see i blame myself for her death.. i should of been there..


"bye mum" me and Sophia call out to my mum as she walks out the door. 

hours later

It was about 11:30pm and i was in my room reading a book when i hear the phone ring from the kitchen. footsteps and then the ringing stops.. "hello?" i hear my dads voice as he answers the phone. there's a bit of a pause.. "oh god.. really... OK, i will be there as soon as i can!" then the phone gets smashed onto the holder and i hear my dad swear. i slowly put my book down go out to where my dad is. "we have to go to the hospital, where's your sister?" my mouth drops in shock as i think of the possibilities that could of occurred. "she-she's asleep.." my voice is barely a whisper. my dad nods and he gently rushes me to the car. in the car i was hyperventilating. we are in the car for what is probably minutes but what seems like hours. when we get there my dad hasn't even parked the car and I'm out racing to the room to hopefully find my mum. my dad parks unevenly and has the same idea as me. when i saw my mum lying there helplessly not even moving my heart stopped. i dropped to the ground rocking as my teary dad talked to the doctor. then the monitor goes "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" and i stop breathing. "im sorry" the doctor says almost crying himself. 

*end of flash back*

"shes gone" i say as it would of been the doctor. but i don't sound even close to him. my voice is a shakey whisper. tears are streaming down my face and i'm rocking back and forth just like i did 5 years ago..


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