Finding Our Pitch

By some crazy stoke of good fortune Alex has wound up the new girl at London's newly revised High School For The Arts on full ride scholarship. Not only that but she has landed right at the center of what seemed to be World War III. When the pamphlet had mentioned 'newly revised' the last thing she anticipated was the combination of the rival all girls school Devon Arts Academy and the all boys school Mendelssohn Academy of Arts. Will she be able to settle the raging waters or will the boys of Mendelssohn drown her?

One Direction Fanfiction.


1. Right Back Atcha


Orange and pink shades danced under her closed eyelids forcing her wake. The past few night had been compiled of high stress due to the heavy lifting involved with moving. Lifting her arms lazily to her eyes she rubbed traces of sleep from her face. The blinds hung at an awkward angle creating long distinct lines shadowing her wall. She crinkled her nose slightly recalling the hysterical, distraught sobs of her overly attached mother. She had practically begged her to return home only to follow with the overrated ‘I’m so proud of you speech.’ In reality she had little comprehension of how she was related to her outspoken and, as she claimed, bipolar mother.    Exhaustion withered through her bones as she sat up fighting against the creaking protests of her old bed. An eerie layer of dust sat in the air, and she rubbed her hands along her arms trying to shoo away the cold. Last night, the heater had been clanking as if she had placed a bolt in a can and shook it furiously, that is before it mysteriously shut off leaving her alone in a dark, silent room. After having grown up in a house with five siblings the silence seemed foreign and the intermittent cries of the city cars had done nothing to calm her anxiety. She was a country girl lost in the concrete jungle of London.    It was ironic really, she and her best friend Rae had always joked about escaping to the modern bustling city, but now was the first time she realized how much she was going to miss the small streets and lack of privacy that accompanied the tiny size of her hometown. Rae had been the first to open the acceptance letter; she could recall the girl’s frenzied screams as clear as day. Rae had wrapped her into her arms and jumped up in down tirelessly in circles exclaiming how lucky she was to finally be ‘blowing this joint’. Until that point she had always imagined they would leave together but she was begging to realize her naivety. This was real life and it was time for her to wake up and smell the flowers.    She slid on her fluffy slippers and shuffled down the spiral staircase in a daze. The cold railing numbed her fingers as she carelessly dragged her hand down it. The bun on her head swung back and forth as she hit the ground at the bottom of the stairs.   The room was fairly simply decorated. A small kitchen area was to the left of the front door as you walked in. The boring white cabinets contrasted against the bright, occasionally profanity linked magnets that littered the fridge. Approaching one slowly, a smirk grew on her face and she ran her fingers over a particularly funny one. Bright red upper case popped off a sky blue background reading “AREN’T WE ALL JUST A RAY OF FUCKING SUNSHINE.” What looked somewhat like a lorax tree from a Dr. Seuss book was used as a decoration in the background.    She stood up straighter having found her motivation for the day and walked out of the kitchen and into an open dining room. It reality it was a small table attached to the wall right up against the window. Sunlight streamed through lighting up the room and reflecting off the white tablecloth. Vintage looking chairs surrounded it and seemed to tie the entire room together. Quaint, was the word her mother had used to describe it.   Sliding to her right she went down a step into the living room area and plopped onto a giant beanbag lying on the floor. Its bright red color stood out in the otherwise dull room. Sliding her feet out of her slippers she dug her toes into the soft rug that covered most of the floor. She hung her head off the back of the seat she let the morning rays warm up her body.    “Ello?” a voice questioned behind her. Jumping up,  a small sound of fright slipped through her lips. The girl chuckled and held her hand out confidently, “Jasmine, but everyone calls me Jazzy.” It was not until then that the girl got a good look at her. Jazzy was drop dead gorgeous. At least five foot nine she towered a good four five inches over the other girl. Her straight blond hair cascaded past her shoulders was slightly disheveled from sleep. She admired the girl's slightly tanned skin, considering it an accomplishment in Britain's usually overcast weather. Her legs seemed to go on for miles and she had an absolutely brilliant grin plastered on her face. One tooth was slightly crooked but for some odd reason it seemed to increase her beauty.    “Alexandra,” she answered after a moment. She shook the girls hand. Jazzy’s nose crinkled slightly, “I think I’m gonna have to call ya Ally or would you prefer Alex?” The girl smiled, “Alex, definitely Alex.”    “Well then Alex, it’s a pleasure to meet you. As I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re gonna be roommates! The best of friends I reckon!” Alex lifted an eyebrow, “Are you from America?” Jazzy smiled and shook her head, “Nah, but my gran lives out there. I used to visit her every summer and go horseback riding on her ranch.” Alex nodded.    Jazzy made her way into the kitchen and yanked open a cabinet. Grabbing an old teakettle out she filled it with water and roughly slammed the heavy object onto the stove. The fire burst underneath the metal object and Jazzy returned her attention to Alex. “As I’m sure you realized there’s two other girls living with us,” Jazzy stated as the lifted her hand slightly acknowledging two other staircases that were on the wall parallel to the kitchen leading to what Alex presumed to be two more rooms. She nodded her head slowly causing some of her wavy hair to fall to the sides of her face.    “Don’t worry your pretty little head,” she pointed to the staircase on the far right, “That one, is Maddie’s and the one right next to it is Eleanor’s. Sleepyheads, the both of them, they could sleep forever if I let em.” Alex laughed, “I couldn’t blame them, if I could I would, but it’s like my body has an automatic alarm clock.” Jazzy smiled knowingly at the girl and leaned against the counter.    “Eleanor is an angel through and through, sweat cheeks is the only way to describe her. She’s got herself one hell of a boyfriend too. I mean seriously, the dude is major eye candy.” Jazzy wiggled her eyebrows. A soft giggled escaped out of Alex’s mouth, “What about Maddie?” A howl of laughter flew out of Jazzy’s mouth. “That girl is one crazy shit,” her shoulders shook slightly before she composed herself and continued, “I’m serious, she a party. A walking, talking, breathing, living party. But she’s super supportive, if ya ever need anything you go to Maddie.”    A loud whistling sound broke the conversation causing Jazzy to turn her back and swiftly pull out for mugs from the cupboards. She quickly poured water into them and subsequently placed a teabag into each. Standing back satisfied Jazzy admired her work while Alex watched the steam circling out of each individual cup. A whirling sound went through the kitchen as Jazzy pulled out a large pot and spoon out of a drawer by her feet. “GET UP BITCHES! IT’S MORNING!” Then she banged the two objects together relentlessly. Loud groaning could be heard, and before Alex knew it two amazingly gorgeous girls were standing before her behead and all.   ***   Alex’s soft laugh echoed off the hard wood flooring and filled the space. There was a slightly burnt smell that wafted through the room from where Jazzy was stirring the eggs. Eleanor sat opposite of Alex at the small table and Maddie leaned against the kitchen counter next to the stove, her eyes trained on the food cooking. Eleanor smiled brightly at the girl in front of her, causing her pearly white to catch the light from the sun. Alex was her name, but Eleanor found it mildly unfitting. Yes, the girl certainly had a snarky badass side, but she just seemed so fragile and soft to the eye. She couldn’t help but feel slightly protective over her. The girl’s mild yet sharp, and gorgeous features seemed to make others magnetized to her. She would definitely stand out.    “So,” Danielle said leaning towards Alex, “why did you suddenly transfer here in the middle of he year?” Jazzy looked up and faced Alex at the question and Maddie’s head shot up from the eggs she’d been drooling over.  Alex blushed at the sudden attention tucking her head into her neck she answered, “I was scouted.”   Danielle’s body shot out of seat as Maddie’s jaw dropped and Jazzy screamed, “WHAT?!” Alex just scratched her neck and sunk deeper her chair. Eleanor jumped across the table and shook the girls shoulders, “YOU WERE SCOUTED?!”   Meekly Alex nodded her head, “Um, yeah. I’m here on full scholarship.” At this Maddie’s eye bulged out of her head and Jazzy started chocking. Eleanor's eyes narrowed she shook her hair from her face, “How in the world did you manage that?” Jazzy was now positioned next to the table alongside Maddie who practically screamed, “SPILL THE BEANS GIRL!”    “Don’t leave out a single detail,” Jazzy added sternly. An excited tension filled the room as Alex’s nervous breaths filled the silence. “I guess, it started when my mom lost her job. We had finally come up with the money so I could attend LSAG. It was my dream school, and I had gotten early acceptance for the third time,” she took a sharp breath and Jazzy held her hand up signaling for the girl to stop, “What the fuck is LSAG?”    Smiling knowingly she stated, “London’s School for the Academically Gifted.” Eleanor's jaw dropped and Maddie leaned over in shock. “Anyway,” she continued, “I’m not from a rich family exactly, it’s just my mom and I. So all the years of saving became worthless. I tried to work out the money for LSAG, I even pick up extra shifts at the café I worked at, but it didn’t really work out. In the end all of the money went to food and taxes.”    Alex looked down shaking her head. Sitting up she met three sympathetic gazes. “It’s fine,” she assured. “By the end of the summer we were on track to losing our apartment. I started working even more and at some point I landed a random job at a rather lowly concert hall. It was really just some empty warehouse with a large stage where bunch of teens would go to on the weekends, but they paid well.”    She scooped some hair that had fallen in her face behind her ear, “It was my first night and things were getting hectic. The opening act didn’t come and people were getting… restless.” Maddie smirked at this, “Code for, off their rockers drunk.” Alex nodded and laughed, “Yeah, it was pretty hilarious actually. So it the midst of all the chaos I ended up on stage performing. I guess since I wasn’t horrible I became sort of a regular. They used me as a filler if someone was missing or they wanted a cheaper opening act." Eleanor's eyebrows lifted in wonder, "So  you like danced and sung?" Alex nodded, "among other things," and continued.   "Then one day I got a letter in the mail from London’s School for the Arts. My mom even called the school to make sure they didn’t get the wrong address.” She let out a breathy laugh and stared at all the amazed faces surrounding her. “Yeah, and now here I am. I figured it was better that the crappy public high school I attended freshman and sophomore year.”   Danielle was shaking her head in absolute respect and Maddie patted her on the back, “That is one amazing Cinderella story.” A large silence followed. A sense of awkwardness filled the room and Alex began fading herself in the corner feeling she had taken enough spotlight for one day.    “Wait!” Jazzy’s voice echoed down the hall, “What’s your major here then?” Alex shrugged, “The deal was I had to have to take a dance, music, vocal, and acting class to come on full-ride scholarship.”    This time Eleanor actually fell out of her chair and the toast that Maddie had shoved in her mouth was laying on the floor. Jazzy's face optimized shock as she stated, "What kind of fucking prodigy are you?" This time instead of shrinking back she just shrugged her shoulders and took a sip of her tea to quench her now dry throat.    Maddie was bending down to reacquaint herself with her toast when a loud banging was heard at the door. "HOUSEKEEPING!" A loud shrill voice boomed through the wood. Eleanor squealed and not-so-gracefully sprinted to the door, her sudden movement shaking the table. She eagerly threw it open and jumped onto the body coming through. Laughter could be heard echoing from the door as Alex leaned back in her chair trying to get a glimpse of the bodies in the entryway.   After a minute or two of conversation Alex faintly heard Eleanor say, "Wait! You have to meat our new roommate." Her eyes widened as she sat up in her chair and turned her body to look out the window. She could hear the footsteps coming closer and her shoulders tensed slightly. Cautiously she turned around to face Eleanor whose fingers were entwined with skinny boy dressed in bright red pants and a striped shirt.    A smile filled his face as he saluted her, "I'm Louis Tomlinson, also known as the TOMMO." His blue eyes stood out against his slightly tanned complexion as his smile grew on his face. Alex stood up stiffly before a huge smile broke out across he face as she saluted him back, "I'm Alex Millard, and it is an honor to meet you good sir." Louis cracked up and Eleanor relaxed slightly. He turned towards her slightly saying, "Babe, I love your new roommate."    Alex smiled and turned her attention to the boy standing neck to Louis, and felt all of her newfound confidence catch in her throat. A curly head of dark hair brought out striking green eyes. His smirk clad face showed off his charming dimples. He nodded in her direction ever so slightly, and drew out his words making his sentence take longer than necessary, "I'm Harry Styles." After a moment or two of silence, Alex wiped her sweaty palm against her pajama pants suddenly feeling self-conscience in her attire. She smiled slightly and responded, "Annnnd II'mmmmmm AAAlllleeeeeeex MMMMilllaaaarrrddddd." She drew out each syllable mockingly. He looked her up and down as the entire room erupted in laughter. She could practically feel  his deep chuckle in her chest as she blushed ever so slightly.    Jazzy made her way to the girl's side and casually slung her arm over her shoulder, "What brings you guys around today?" Louis smiled and Harry elbowed him. "Ow!" he yelped before answering, "do I need an excuse to visit my lovely girlfriend?" Eleanor giggled and leaned into his side and a confident smile broke across Louis face. Maddie strode over rubbing the crumbs from her hands, "Anyway, we only have 30 until first rotation so we kind of have to change." Jazzy's head snapped towards the clock on the wall before she shrieked and dragged Maddie out of the room, "Hurry up!"    Eleanor pecked Louis on the lips before wrapping her fingers around Alex's wrist and pulling her upstairs. Halfway up she yelled down, "I'LL BE DOWN IN A SEC LOU!" Alex looked over her shoulder one last time to look at Harry, only to be shocked when his green orbs bore right back at her. 
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