Wild Ride

Marie lives in a small city called Quebec, in Canada. She dreams on moving in England, one day things come in like she dreamed on happening and she gets a new job in England. Things will get amazing for her and her life will be full of suprises.. moving in England and loosing her job. But this will not be the end of her ride, she meet's new people and people she didn't except to meet.


4. The day has come

It's 3 am, i haven't slept all night so i decided to wake up and pour myself a cup of English tea. I looked around and my house was so empty.. I got dressed and ate a little toast before packing the rest of my clothes.

The time went by so fast, it was 4am, i jumped in my car and drove to my mom's house. She told me before leaving i could store my car at her place. She was up, she got out and gave me a last goodbye kiss on my forehead. '' Be carefull okay? call me whenever you can and keep me posted!'' i smiled and told her i loved her.

My cab has arrived, we drove to the airport and gave him the cash. i was so tired but so exited at the same time i couldn't stop laughing.

''Hello, welcome to quebec's airport, where is your destination?'' said the lady at the ticket counter.

''I'm going to London, England'' i replied giving her my ticket

''Alright, you have to keep your ticket and will give it to the men in blue on your right okay?'' she said, pointing me the guy in question.

''Ok, thank you m'am''


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