Wild Ride

Marie lives in a small city called Quebec, in Canada. She dreams on moving in England, one day things come in like she dreamed on happening and she gets a new job in England. Things will get amazing for her and her life will be full of suprises.. moving in England and loosing her job. But this will not be the end of her ride, she meet's new people and people she didn't except to meet.


10. Postponed

I had so much trouble writting this article, i had no idea who the prime minister of England was and what he's doing to this comunity..i mean common i just moved in why would they give me this assignement. But i didn't give up, i made research and handled the assignement likke i could. it was 5:45 pm and was done with the article so i sent it to Harold.

I closed my computer and turned on my voicemail machine. Grabbed my coat and purse and left my office. Locked it and i was heading for the elevator when Harold came over and told me i wasn't finished, he had to read the article with me before too make sure it was okay to be published. I entered his office and started reading the article. He gave me advice and corrected my article with me. I've been in there for more than an hour now and he wasn't finished. I excused myself and sent a message to Harry we had to postpone our date ''I'm sorry Harry we'll have to re do this another time, i'm stuck at job and i can't get out of here for now, i'm sorry''. 

''It's alright, i'll be off for work for a week but we can meet when i come back :)''. He replied

I couldn't help myself but smile

I was back in Harold's office and i was nothing close to be listening. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry.

''So this is it Marie, your are doing great job, you are dismissed, see you tomorrow morning''. He finished

So now my date is cancelled and it's 7:30 pm, i decided to go off for a nice dinner all by myself at at restaurant.

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