Wild Ride

Marie lives in a small city called Quebec, in Canada. She dreams on moving in England, one day things come in like she dreamed on happening and she gets a new job in England. Things will get amazing for her and her life will be full of suprises.. moving in England and loosing her job. But this will not be the end of her ride, she meet's new people and people she didn't except to meet.


18. Leaving England

''I'm glad you came with me baby, this will be one of a journey and you will not regret it, It's going to be hard seeing the fans all over me and the guys but i want you to know that you are mine. I will not let you go and i will take care of you whenever i have a chance baby''. Harry said, he seemed scared i would leave him and be mad at him over a fan. But i know what's his life, i've been with him for over a year now, i know i could trust him and i wasn't scared..atleast im trying not too.

''Don't worry babe, i love you and i trust you more than anybody in my life. I'm here with you, for you and i won't get mad over crazy fans, i swear''. I replied. I lift myself up with the tip of my toes and gave him a sweet kiss, the one he loves so much. He smiled and kissed me again.

''I won't get enough of your kisses hunny''. He finished.

We got to work, we had an ex Head press at the Times Magazine to move out of her luxery appartement.

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