Wild Ride

Marie lives in a small city called Quebec, in Canada. She dreams on moving in England, one day things come in like she dreamed on happening and she gets a new job in England. Things will get amazing for her and her life will be full of suprises.. moving in England and loosing her job. But this will not be the end of her ride, she meet's new people and people she didn't except to meet.


12. Big Ben

''You know i hate you right now for paying my lunch! It was so expensive, i feel bad! I will get you back Harry you know that''. i said, walking slowly arm in arm with him.

''No you won't and i won't let this happen''. he continued

He did not drop his habit of looking at me right in the eyes.

''Where are you taking me ?''.


We  walked for about 20 minutes and sat down in front of the Big Ben building in question. It started to snow a little bit and I got cold.

''You're shivering dear, here take my coat''. he said, taking off his coat and putting it on my shoulders.

''Wow you are one gentlemen Harry, your mama really did raise you well''. i replied, smiling AGAIN! I know i'm smiling a lot but nobody has taken care of me like that, none of the guys in Quebec City are gentlemens.

''Yeah, she did!, so talk a little bit of yourself'', he smiled.

''Well i'm from Quebec City, Canada, i am 20 years old, i work for the Times magazine. I've been doing this for a year now and i enjoy it. I love cats and tacos. I love to travel and being here. I don't know what to say,'' i laughed. ''What about you?'', i continued.

''We'll i'm Harry Styles, i'm 19. I love to sing and hanging with my boys. I love a good pint and i LOOOOOOOOOOVE cat's too, and actually Tacos are my favorite food''. 

WAIT!!! NOW IT'S CLEAR! I REMEMBER HIM! HE'S FROM THIS BRITISH BAND CALLED ONE DIRECTION. I  pretended to not realise this but my eyes couldn't lie!

''Don't tell me you didn't know cause girls already did that to me, and they just finished by playing me and i don't want to get hurt like that again, in fact i really like you and i was wishing you could know everything and maybe we could hanng out like this more often. Unless you don't feel the same way, then i'm incredibly sorr..'' i interrupted ''NO NO it really is fine! I actually didn't realise who you were until you told me you sang, no lightbulb flashed i promise''. i finished.

He kissed me on the cheek and gave me his smile i liked so much, and still do!

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