Wild Ride

Marie lives in a small city called Quebec, in Canada. She dreams on moving in England, one day things come in like she dreamed on happening and she gets a new job in England. Things will get amazing for her and her life will be full of suprises.. moving in England and loosing her job. But this will not be the end of her ride, she meet's new people and people she didn't except to meet.


20. America

''WELCOME TO AMERICA LADS'', shouted Louis. ''YOU ARE NOW UNDERAGE, MARIE AND I WILL GO GRAB A PINT WHILE YOU GUYS PLAY WITH YOURSELFS IN THE HOTEL ROOM!!''. he added. Louis is the funniest lad around, he was always funny, no matter the situation. He was a joker and we wouldn't live without him, we kind of need someone funny around because time's would get serious now.

We got off the plane and i litterally couldn't beleive all the girls who were waiting for the guys at the airport. I got deff from the screaming, i said deff from the screaming. 

''HARRY, I LOVE YOU, MARRY ME''. Shouted out a 12 year old fan.

''HARRY GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR GRAVY'', Screamed out her friend, which looked like she has 11 years old.

The girls are insane and perverts. Who 12 year old would yell out things like that? Do they really think they will stand a chance with Harry? He's too good for them. Harry is respectful and needs someone that had that, for instance, ME, which he already had. I content myself on smiling and keeping my mouth shut. Harry took my hand and we went over to fans with the guys so they could sign autographs. He did not let go of my hand, regardless of the strength i was trying to pulling my hand away, he just didn't let go. He turned around to see if i was okay, gave me a kiss on the forehead too see if i was alright and gave me a quick smile. 

Half an hour later, We got pushed away from the fans. I mean we have stuff to do so we had to leave. They waved goodbye and we started to move towards our vehicule.


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