Magical Sparks That Ignite the Fire

Harry Potter, Peeta Mellarks best friend, volunteers as tribute in Peeta's place when Katniss volunteers for her sister. Harry has a secret that coudl save his and Katniss' life but ruin the Capitol. The choice he has to make is to tell or not, to defy the Capitol or keep Panem the same. What will HArry chose and what will KAtniss do?


2. Why Me?

“Katniss.” The door burst open and Prim ran in. I engulfed her in a hug and I never wanted to let go. I held her in my arms, she was so small. I was glad I had done this, she was just to small to go through this, she would’ve surely been dead when the gong went. I felt her tears drop onto my shoulder and it took everything in me not to cry. I let go of her and took a step towards mum.

“You have to look after her now. I’m not here to take care of the bot of you. You cant leave her again, you just cant.” I demanded mum. She looked shocked but I knew that she in some way thought it was fair. I embraced mum in a quick hug, the only one since dads passing. The peacekeeper came in and told us we had 30 seconds. Prim ran into my arms and I didn’t let her go of her, not even when the peacekeeper came in, he had to carry her out crying and screaming. I looked on the ground that was in front of the door and saw the mockingjay pin I had given Prim. I picked it up and put it on, tears threatened to fall down my cheeks but I just ad to forget that I may never see them again.

After the few goodbyes I had to give, Effie came to collect both Harry and I. We sat in the car and made our way to the train. When I walked into the train I was shocked at how beautiful it was, how much food was spread out. I sat down in the chair and the cushion moulded around my body, the comfort was unexpected. I was to busy looking around to notice Harry had sat across from me.

“Katniss.” I looked where the voice came from and was meet by a very timid Harry.

“Hi Harry.” I replied as nicely as possible. “Harry why did you volunteer?” I asked the question that was not only on my mind but probably on everyone else’s

“Now isn’t the time to explain , but I promise I will.” Harry said looking at the ground.

“Why isn’t it the time?” I asked confused.

“There are too many people around and I only want to explain it to you.” Harry explained. I was shocked, why me? What about me? What had I done? So many thoughts ran through my mind. I always knew Harry was shy and trusted few people, like me in many ways, but I didn’t think he was so secretive that he chose who was to be told. But even with that small similarity I just don’t understand, why me?

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