Magical Sparks That Ignite the Fire

Harry Potter, Peeta Mellarks best friend, volunteers as tribute in Peeta's place when Katniss volunteers for her sister. Harry has a secret that coudl save his and Katniss' life but ruin the Capitol. The choice he has to make is to tell or not, to defy the Capitol or keep Panem the same. What will HArry chose and what will KAtniss do?


3. Truthfully confusing

“Where’s the ice?” my thoughts were interrupted buy a very drunk man who just stumbled into the cart. I soon recognised him as Haymitch, our mentor. Oh great so if I didn’t have a chance of winning before I definitely don’t now. “I don’t know.” I replied. He grumbled as he poured himself a drink. I looked at Harry and he was just as shocked at the state of him. We watched Haymitch as he stumbled over to us and sat in the seat next to me.

“Congratulations.” Haymitch said sarcastically. The smell of liquor engulfed the space around him as he spoke.

“So you’re our mentor?” Harry asked quietly. Haymitch nodded in return. I huffed at the thought that this alcoholic would be ‘saving’ us in the games.

“I wouldn’t have an attitude like that sweetheart I’m the person that can save you in there.” Haymitch said sassily, obviously he heard my grumble.

“Well if you’re going to save me what do I do?” I asked a little too angrily.

“Here’s some advice, stay alive.” Haymitch said giggling a little at the end. The anger spread through me and I think Harry noticed.

“Katniss I’ll show you too your room.” Harry said standing up. Haymtich was looking at us weirdly but I was so furious if I looked at him any longer I probably would have yelled and I had already been caught despising him.

I followed Harry to my room. It was bigger than all three of the bedrooms in my house before and this was only on a train. I walked over to the bed and sat down sinking into the soft mattress.

“There is no use getting angry at Haymitch, I mean he did win it once so he does know how too. He really could help you Katniss.” Harry said sitting on the chair on the other side of the room.

“He has probably drowned his memories of the games so I doubt he knows how to win.”  I replied back a little angrily.

“Fine then I will help you.” Harry sad looking at the ground. Confusion was painted all over my face and Harry knew as soon as he looked back up. “Katniss is can help you win, I can get you out of here.” Harry said as he stood up.

“Harry I don’t understand, there is only one winner. If you can get me to win I don’t see why you would I mean you can win yourself.” I said cautiously.

“That’s what I was talking about before Katniss. I can do things you can’t describe. I can save you.” He said with a little smile.

“Save me?” I asked. Harry nodded and I was about to wait for an explanation when he said some words I have never heard before. I jumped at the sound of glass shattering and I jumped towards Harry as I spun around to see a broken vase on the ground. I turned back to Harry wide eyed.

“Did you do that?” I asked, the sound just escaping me. Harry nodded in response.

“But how?” I asked eagerly.

“I’m not from here Katniss, I’m not meant to be anyway. There are more countries and cities on this earth. We were separated, the ones with magic and the ones without. I however ran away, to find your land, the land of muggles. That’s the term we use for non-magical people. When the world started to fall apart we made a deal with someone muggle, that we would protect his land and the people in it. He kept it a secret, kept our kind a secret, but we knew all about the other civilisation.” I stared at Harry in disbelief.

“But why would you want to come here?” I asked. Panem was a terrible place filled with sorrow, pain and loss. Why would he want to leave his home?

“I didn’t belong there Katniss, I was different and I can’t explain it. I knew I had more to do in my life then just stay there. I left at the age of 10 and I came here.” Harry explained. I couldn’t take in everything he was saying it was unbelievable I just couldn’t understand.

“But why me? Why would you try and save me not someone else before.” I asked, trying to avod the confusing part of the situation.

“I promise you will find out later but I have to go.” Harry said as he walked towards the door.

“Harry I don’t understand.” I exclaimed as I jumped up and walked towards him.

“Be patient Katniss.” Harry said smiling. Then the sound of the door closing echoed in my room and I was left alone. Left alone to let my thoughts get the better of me, to worry, to assume and to try and figure everything out. What was Harry talking about? Its impossible right? I lay down on the bed trying to make sense of my knew knowledge but I just couldn’t. My thoughts entangled me as I slow feel asleep on the soft mattress.

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