Magical Sparks That Ignite the Fire

Harry Potter, Peeta Mellarks best friend, volunteers as tribute in Peeta's place when Katniss volunteers for her sister. Harry has a secret that coudl save his and Katniss' life but ruin the Capitol. The choice he has to make is to tell or not, to defy the Capitol or keep Panem the same. What will HArry chose and what will KAtniss do?


4. Difference

Harry’s P.O.V

I had to tell her now it would be too risky In the arena. Im shaking terrible and all I hope is I don’t see anyone.

“Harry mate your shaking like you’ve just seen a ghost.” His voice filled my ears and I huffed as my mind tried to find a reasonable explanation to tell Haymitch.

“Just nervous.” I replied not turning around to face him , I just wanted to think , be by myself and think about my promise to Peeta, the mess I have placed myself in.\

“The nervous or the fear.” Haymitch said next to my face, his alcoholic breathe engulfed me.

“You tell me, how did you feel.” I replied distastefully.

“Anger, we can use that.” You said happily looking at me. I stood waiting for a response not even acknowledging what he said.

“Those thoughts have been long gone from my head and are never to return, the pain these games cause cant be explained, and the torture cant be taken back, nothing can be fixed.” A tone of sadness approached with each word he spoke , I could tell they weren’t gone, he just hide the feelings , drowned them In the alcohol tyring to let them never return.

“Haymitch all I need is to for fill a promise, all I need to do is to sacrifice myself to save another, to let the whole of Panem see what has been in front of them, I know Katniss she has determination and she isn’t afraid. If we help this could make a difference I just know it. It can save the pain for years to come, to stop other people having to experience what you did and what I will have to.” Confusion spread through his face as I spoke but I could tell he was intrigued.

“Harry your talking some crazy words there.” Haymitch replied”

“Just let me explain.” I pleaded, Haymitch nodded and I followed him to a part of the train that seemed as if no-one has been, the perfect place to explain everything I really just hope he understands.

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