7 Billion Pills

The world has been swept by an unusual migraine tablet...
And no-one can seem to get rid of it.
The burden falls on Miss Katie Chase to stop the pill's effects from spreading...


8. Drugs


"N... Nothing..." he stuttered, running one gnarled, pale hand through his greasy hair.

"Yeah right." I scoffed, looking up and down at his forlorn and sunken expression.

"Honestly, Miss, nothing has been done, exept a couple of drugs test we did... A lumbar puncture, MRI scan..." he cut himself off abruptly, and looked back up at me.

"I'm not tempted by your lies..." I hissed casually, looking around the room, and flinging open various draws, to only find empty bottles of Ephredine, a drug that I knew Dr. Straiker had procured for his own purposes, "Though I am tempted to check your medical records, depite realing that would be stupid!"

I saw a smirk creep onto the Doctor's face, and although it was only dimly lit by the flickering luminescent wall holdings, I could still catch his sinister expression. He knew that if he had done something, which was now a deep suspicion of mine, I wouldn't be able to check his medical records, because everything would be erased. Silently, I paced over to him and grabbed the identity card he had wrapped tightly around his neck, yanking him harshly forward. I scanned over it, looking for something that could confirm my suspicions... And I found it. I looked up, up into the doctor's grey flecked eyes, sunken and decaying, our faces only inches apart, because the card read:

'This member is allowed access to all medical documents and drugs on site.'

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