7 Billion Pills

The world has been swept by an unusual migraine tablet...
And no-one can seem to get rid of it.
The burden falls on Miss Katie Chase to stop the pill's effects from spreading...


5. Catching On

I walked hurriedly across to the front desk, clamping one sweaty hand over my mouth as I barged quickly through a wave of people (none of whom, surprisingly, looked particularly sick). The woman at the counter sighed as I came into view.

"What's our situation?" I asked, with a curious tone, but really I was nervous as hell. I'd never let anyone die here before, and I wasn't planning for this to be my first day of it.

"Well, Miss Chase, so far the symptoms are not progressive, appart from some rare patients. The symptoms vary, and..." she consulted a ragged heap of paper, scrawled across which were some very rushed doctors notes, "Ah, yes... Dr. Straiker would like to see you in exam room one."

I looked over the exam notes again, commenting snidely "Were these written by children, or has their been a significant decrease in the quality of adult handwriting?"

The clerk looked rather embarrassed, shuffled about a bit uncomfortably in her revolving chair, and replied, "Well, these doctors are in a real hurry, Miss Chase, you must excuse them... We've seen over half a thousand patients on this floor alone, this morning..."

"This morning?" I exclaimed, shocked.

The clerk looked down at the floor, and nodded solemly, before replying, "Actually, Miss, I think that last customer was number... 763."

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