7 Billion Pills

The world has been swept by an unusual migraine tablet...
And no-one can seem to get rid of it.
The burden falls on Miss Katie Chase to stop the pill's effects from spreading...


7. Behind the Mask

"You see," he continued, pacing about the room uncontrollably "Look at this."

He twisted the computer monitor to face, me, and unexpectedly, everything was in order. His hearbeat caused the thin red lines to dart up and down like arrows, his blood pressure was staying at a normal level, and travveling slowly in a straight line- even his blood sugar was around the right consistency, though he hadn't eaten much.

"Normal... Normal... Normal." I muttered.

"Yes... So, I ask myself: 'What is wrong with him?'" he began, twisting the monitor gradually back so that only he could see it, "And I concluded: Nothing. That is, nothing obvious. Nothing ordinary."

"And... anything unordinary?"

"Well, as of yet, nothing much, exept the fact that he's not sending nerves up his spinal chord..."

"And that's nothing much? Doctor, please... That's a hell of a lot."

"Realy? And what can you deduce..." he smirked at me superiorly, and I plastered a fake smile onto my face, before replying:

"Well, there are always going to be anomolies... but I think, it's a drug induced problem..." I slid my hands over the tube running into the patients collar, and grabbed the packet of chemicals which were dripping monotonously, "So, the question is, Doctor..." I looked up to see his grey eyes bloodshot like a network of red tunnels, and his face hidden by the dark shadow shrouding the room was melting like wax.

"What have you done?"

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