My Hunger Games

HP meets HG :)

Voldemort has passed on. A new time has begun. President Snow was exiled to London, England. He found the wizarding world. They expected him to be a good leader. Kind, fair, just, balanced. But it's Snow. He wouldn't let go of the Hunger Games.
This is Harry's grand daughter's fourth time in the reapings, since it started four years ago. She is 16 years old. Her name is Hydra. It was the name Sirius Black gave to his daughter before she was taken by Voldemort.


10. Let's go kick some Career butt!

"They killed Sirius. We need revenge." I say.

"No, what we need is a plan. We need leverage. And we have none." Dustin replies. Pretty annoyed at Tristan.

"You have leverage." Tristan mumbles. He's tied to a chair. The only reason he's not gagged is because he's not very loud. He happened to catch up with us when we were running.

"What?" Dustin snaps.

"Her." Tristan says, pointing at me. My eyes widen.

"How is she leverage?" Dustin asks. "And if you ever call her that again, I'll slit your throat."

"Because Theodor likes girls. And all the girls in his alliance are not of interest to him. He talks about killing you guys and leaving Hydra for himself if you don't mind me saying." I look at Dustin. Is he actually contemplating handing me over to Theodor?

"Ok. Here's the plan. Tristan disappears. I don't care how. And I don't care when. Hydra, we pretend we've fallen out- you go to Theo. He accepts you into alliance and then we attack. You attack from within. I'll attack from the outside." I stare at him in disbelief. "Let's go." He unties Tristan. I walk off.

It's ok Hydra. You're just alone in an abandoned magical school, with no weapon and no one to rescure you. You're fine. You'll be perfectly fine. No problems what so ever. What was that? Was that a scream? No. Calm down Hydra, it was just a rat. You like rats. I stop talking to myself as I see light coming from a class up ahead. I peek in. Careers. I push open the door. Theo stands up.

"Well, well, hello Hydra." He says. I managed to make myself look like I am crying on the way. "What's wrong?" There's no sympathy in his voice, but he wants to know anyway.

"Dustin left me. He just took off." I make myself cry again. Theo walks over and puts his arm around my shoulders.

"Aww. That's sad, would you like to join in?" He points at the feast ahead of me. The careers just staring at me. Not sure if Theo is serious or not. I nod and he takes me to sit down. "Carry on you idiots." He pats the space next to him. I sit with him. Two of the Career tributes start chatting about me. "Shut up." Theo says, chucking a spear at each of them. The spears hit them both in the head, pinning them to the wall. I gag, but try not to make my repulsion too visible. "Chuck 'em out." Two careers stand up and drag the bodies to the window. They chuck them out. Boom! Boom!

It's dark outside. The antheme plays.

Glanmore Parkin- 15.

Matilda Marat- 13.

The two careers. How many people are left?  It can't be many now. What? 6 maybe? Let's think. There's me, Dustin, Tristan, Theo, Barry (Career) and Albert (Career). I made it to the final 6. And just purely for Sirius and for the time I've spent with Dustin. Theo puts his arm around my shoulders. He pulls me close.

"Where's lover boy? Any ideas where he went?" Says Albert.

"Yeah, where is he?" Barry agrees.

"Boys, boys, give the girl a chance. She needs rest." He points at a make-shift-bed in the corner of the classroom. I get up and walk over to it. I lay down and close my eyes.

"Hydra? Hydra, wake up." A voice whispers. I open my eyes and look up. A hand covers my mouth. Dustin's hand. I smile. "Barry and Albert died last night. Tristan killed them. Unfortunately Tristan died whilst ummm getting rid of the others." My smile fades. I wrap my arms around his neck he pulls me up so I'm standing. "I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too." I reply. He kisses me lightly on the cheek before pushing me behind him and turning around.

"Well well. I guess the lovebirds are back together." Theo says. He looks crazy. Mental, insane. "You know, if it weren't for your useless brother, my buddies would still be here? But that doesn't matter now." I can see the faces of the people at home. Outraged. Distraught. Terrofied. Anxious. "I didn't want to be the one to kill you, Hydra. I was hoping someone else would've done it by now." Dustin tenses. "I guess I'll just have to do it." He steps forwards, weapon ready. Dustin steps forward picking up a plank of wood.

"Touch her and I'll kill you." Dustin says. Top three. We made it. I'm not letting Dustin go now. Theo can go, I need Dustin to live. I grab Dustin's arm but he pulls away. Theo jumps forward and tries to stab my arm, I push the spear backwards. The flat end stabs him in the shoulder. He screams. Blood pours down his shirt. Then he chuckles.

"She's good. I see why you kept her."  Dustin lunges forwards but Theo stabs him. Dustin stumbles backwards, blood pouring out of his wound and his mouth. I want to rush over to him, tell him he'll be ok. But I can't. Theo's still here. "He wont make it, you know." Theo laughs again. "Live? Don't live? I don't care. I'm leaving. I'm gonna win this." He turns around. A spear launches and lands in Theo's back. It scrapes my face as I turn towards Dustin. He falls back over clutching his chest, this time I run over to him. I hold his head up.

"You're gonna be ok. You'll be fine." I tell him, as calmly as I can. He coughs and blood spills over his shirt. I untie my hairband from around my head and use it as a bandage. He winces. "You better let us both win! Or I swear... We'll both die! That's right President Snow, I know about Katniss and Peeta!" I yell. I've only heard rumours but Katniss and Peeta were  in love and tried to kill themselves in order to both win. It caused a major rebellion. But I don't care if it'll save Dustin's life.

"Well done! Congratulations! Ladies and Gentlement welcome the winners of the Fourth Annual Hunger Games!" An overhead voice says. People fly in on broomsticks.

"What's going on?" I ask. Two of the people that flew in pick me up and place me on a broom. "Hey! What about Dustin?" I try to look over at Dustin. A man stands in my way and gets on the broom behind me.

"Fly." The broom soars into the sky. I scream. The man covers my mouth. He takes his hand away.

"Where's Dustin?"

"Medical centre." He grunts. He leans over and looks at my face. He puts his hand on my shoulder. "He'll be ok."

But I would never know if that was true or not.

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