My Hunger Games

HP meets HG :)

Voldemort has passed on. A new time has begun. President Snow was exiled to London, England. He found the wizarding world. They expected him to be a good leader. Kind, fair, just, balanced. But it's Snow. He wouldn't let go of the Hunger Games.
This is Harry's grand daughter's fourth time in the reapings, since it started four years ago. She is 16 years old. Her name is Hydra. It was the name Sirius Black gave to his daughter before she was taken by Voldemort.


5. Just before the games.

We eat in silence. It's really awkward. Lucius pushes his plate forwards and walks out of the room. No wishes of good luck. No pieces of advice. Nothing. Hermione coughs but no one speaks. No one is even making eye contact.

"So the games are today." Sirius says. Ron glares at him. "Well it's true! We can't fight it! There's nothing we can do!" He shouts.

"Ok Sirius. Calm down." Hermione is trying to be calming. It's not really working. Sirius is throwing food around. Plates. Glasses.

"No, no I wont calm down! The games killed my brother!" He screams. The room goes silent. I stand back up from under the table. We all look stunned.

"Whose your brother?" Ron asks.

"Remus Black." He says. My eyes widen, I had a crush on Remus. He got called into the second games. He was in the last three and died. I walk round to Sirius. I just stand looking at him. "I'm sorry." He whispers to me. I step closer to him and give him a hug. He doesn't know what to do at first. Then he relaxes himself and wraps his arms around me. I relax my head on his shoulder.

"I'm not going to lie to you Sirius." I whisper in his ear. "It's gonna be hard. It's gonna suck. It'll probably hurt. But we have to stick together." I slip the note into his hand. He reads it.

"Thank you Hydra." He whispers in my ear. I smile.

"We should clean up." I suggest. He nods. We break our hug and start to clean up. 3 hours till the games.

2 hours.

1 hour.

45 minutes.

Stop counting Hydra! You'll go mad! I mumble to myself.

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