My Hunger Games

HP meets HG :)

Voldemort has passed on. A new time has begun. President Snow was exiled to London, England. He found the wizarding world. They expected him to be a good leader. Kind, fair, just, balanced. But it's Snow. He wouldn't let go of the Hunger Games.
This is Harry's grand daughter's fourth time in the reapings, since it started four years ago. She is 16 years old. Her name is Hydra. It was the name Sirius Black gave to his daughter before she was taken by Voldemort.


3. If score's could kill.

I just came out of my private game-maker session. I really don't want to see my score. I walk to the dining room. Hermione sits next to me.

"I'm sure you did really well." She smiles. I hope I did really badly. The higher scoring people are always the targets for the careers. I hope I got a four or a five. Nothing lower or they'll get suspicious. The national anthem comes on. It's a strange tune but slightly catchy. The first time it was used to hypnotise and enslave witches and wizards to do Snow's bidding. He's an evil man. I pull a pillow over my face and close my eyes.

I imagine Draco running home to catch the scores live. My mother making dinner and stopping half way through. My father and all the workers stopping whatever they are doing to watch it live. It makes me homesick. It reminds me of every year.

The scores start appearing on the screen as I pull the pillow away from my face. It gets to Sirius.

"Sirius Black Jr scored a.... 7!" An announcer shouts. A seven appears on the screen. Sirius smiles and laughs. A picture of me appears. "Hydra Malfoy-Potter scored a...." I close my eyes. I remember the happy things. "A 9!" A nine appears on the screen. That's ok. I could live with that.

"That's a great score!" Hermione exclaims. Lately me and Sirius have been in training sessions together with Hermione and Ron. I just wish I could see my grandfather one last time. Someone's banging on the door. I jump up. I run to the door and answer it.

"Hello." I say. It's one of those career tributes.

"Great score." He says with a grin on his face.

"Not the best." Thank Dumbledore! I think. "Yours was great." I say.

"You know, I might be willing to let you in on an alliance." He's grabbed my arm now. I'm struggling to get him off me.

"I'd rather not thanks." His eyes widen and he starts getting angry.

"No one says no to me! Nobody!" He shouts. I really hope someone comes over here.

"Well it appears somebody should." I snap.

"You did not just say that." He pulls me towards him but then moves and let's go of me. I fly forwards and smash into the door opposite our dining room. I stand up and stagger as I try to get back to the dining room. He punches me over and over till I fall to the ground. I grab his foot and yank it. He falls and his face smashes onto the ground. He gets back up and kicks me. I grab the shelf above my head and pull myself up. I slap him. He grabs me from behind. I stand on his foot. I'm wearing metal soled shoes. He screams. Hermione, Ron and Sirius run out. I'm lying on my back all bloodied up. Hermione gasps as she runs off to get the first aid kit. Ron gets out his wand and waves it at the career tribute. He flies straight into the wall oposite and is chained there. Sirius helps me stand as three white-coated officials walk towards Ron. I limp back into the dining/living area with Sirius. I collapse onto the sofa and let out a high pitched scream as the pain of my injuries catches up with me. Hermione starts applying this cold compress thing to my leg. She's not allowed to use her wand. Witches, or female wizards as they call them now, were banned from use of magic when Snow came to power. No one even knows why.

"Are you ok?" Ron says as he walks back into the room. I nod. "The officials have put him in lockdown."

"He's still in the Games?" Sirius says, rather loudly.

"Yes, it would be uneven numbers if he was pulled out, and we're too close to the games to get a replacement." Hermione replies.

"Yeah, all that will most likely be done to him is the Game Makers will cause him a horrible, painful and most evil death." My eyes widen. "He'll be extra taken care of."

"Huh?" Sirius and I say together.

"They'll treat him like a king." Hermione clarifies.

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