When the Joker was in love

The joker is a man of simple taste. And he likes to have fun. And he knows how people try and control their little worlds, make it bend to their own wishes, without rhyme and reason.

And the joker, like any other living creature, became old by being young first. He was a simple man then too. He ate, drank, slept and made love. Too bad for that young woman that she wasn't that simple. So he decides to have some fun.

Bruce, the young Bruce, was no match for this guy's ability to look into the world with all of it's ugliness. Bruce trusted too much, put his faith too much - like any other man worth his salt.

Like any other man worth his salt, he didn't get his salt's worth.

A story of the immovable object and the infinite force in their very element.


3. The Denial

Joker insists on being simpler. Bruce doesn't understand Rachel.

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