Will you love me forever?

Sophie is going to schoolies at Ireland to become a photographer, but what she doesn't know is that she is going to meet the love of her life. Will it be too much to handle for her. Read to find out.


4. What do I wear?

As I got back to the hotel all the boys decided to ask me constant questions of where I was. I didn't want to say anything until after the interview but little did I know that that's physically impossible. I couldn't take it any longer. "FINE I'LL TELL YOU'S", I yelled. They all cheered for a bit and then it went silent. "Okay so I woke up early so I decided to go to the park that I used to always go to when I was little, and when I got there I met a girl and we talked for a bit and I'm taking her out for dinner tonight, there happy" I asked. "Yep" Louis said cheekily. "So where are you gonna take her" Liam questioned. Crap I need to think of somewhere.. Fast. "I know I'll take her to a small little restaurant down the road to where our hotel is" I said cheerfully. "Awww our little Niall is growing up" Louis cooed. I hit him in the arm and got out of the car to head up to where we were getting interviewed. The interview went really slow, they always ask the same questions over and over. Finally it had reached 5:30pm and I had no idea what to wear. "LIAM" I shouted. In just a few seconds he was up in my room. He knew straight away what was wrong because well my bed was covered in clothes. "Liam what do I wear". "Calm down Niall everything is gonna be okay" I nervously laughed as he chose out an outfit. "There you go" he said quite pleased in himself. "Thanks Liam" I yelled out while he walked out. I got change into what Liam picked out for me. It was a black suit ,but not one of those really dressy ones. I put it on and slipped on some black high- tops and checked the time, 6:10pm. I sent Sophie a message telling her that I was on my way.

Sophie's POV
It was 5:00pm and I had no idea what to wear so I skyped my best friend Kate, she's like a sister to me. S=Sophie k=Kate
S- "hey Kate"
K- "hey what's up"
S- "I'm going on a date with a guy and I have no idea what to wear"
K- okay, okay what about your light blue dress"
S- "oh that's right I forgot I had that"
K- "well who's the lucky guy"?
S- "I met him at the park and we got talking".
K- ooh make sure you send me a pic, I wanna see what this park boy looks like".
S- okay, oh and by the way his name is Niall".
K- okay, okay, we'll i'll let you get back to getting ready, have fun"
I quickly grabbed my light blue dress, it is a floor length dress what crossed over at the front. It is simple but effective. I Put a bit of mascara and eyeliner on. I heard the door bell ring so I grabbed my phone and purse and went to the Door.
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