Will you love me forever?

Sophie is going to schoolies at Ireland to become a photographer, but what she doesn't know is that she is going to meet the love of her life. Will it be too much to handle for her. Read to find out.


7. Perfect date

Sophie's pov
It was amazing. There we were standing in the bowling ally all alone. It was all dark and only one ally all lit up with colorful lights and There was slow music playing. "Niall this is amazing", I said. He just smiled. "Come on", he said while grabbing my hand. I just followed while he lead the way. Once we were at the ally he was still Holding my hand, I'm not complaining though. We put on the bowling shoes and went and grabbed a bawling ball. Niall went first while I stood next to him watching carefully. "YESSS Only 2 left", he yelled out. "Don't get to happy Irish boy, I still haven't gone", I said cheekily. I walked over and had my turn, I got a strike and walked back over and sat next to Niall, his mouth was wide open. "Your turn", I said cheekily. "He got up and went to have his turn. The game went on for a while, once it was finished i had won by far. "That's not fair", he said while pouting. I just laughed and walked over to get a drink of water.

Niall's POV
She had won by far. When she went Togo get a drink I checked my phone.
Liam 5 missed calls
Harry 3 missed calls
Louis 2 messages
Paul 10 missed calls and 11 messages
Simon 1 message

I decided to read Simons cause I knew what all the other lads wanted. Niall,
You and the other lads have an interview at 10:00am sharp. Paul will pick you's up at 9:00am so be ready. Simon
I checked the time and it was 11:30pm. I figured we should lave soon. "Hey soph I think we should probably think about leaving soon", I told her. "Yer I was thinking the same". We walked out to my car and drove off. She gave me directions to her house. "There it is", she said. I stopped the car in her drive way. "Thank you so much for tonight, it was the best night ever, an Mabye we can do this again some time", she told me. "Sure I'll text you about it", I said. She hopped out and headed to her door. I waited until she was in her house and safe before I drove off.

Liam's POV
We were all trying to get a hold of Niall, it was 12:00pm and he was still gone. We were about to go looking for him until he came waltzing in with the biggest smile on his face. "WHAT THE HELL NIALL, WHERE WERE YOU"? I yelled. "Calm down guys I'm fine I was just out a bit later then expected", he said. There was silence for a bit until Harry said something, "So how was your date", He asked Niall.

Harry's POV
It went silent for a bit so I decided I might end the silence. "So how was your date", I asked Niall. "Really good actually", he said while smiling. "We'll when will you see her again", I asked curious. "Umm maybe tomorrow after the interview", he told us.

Authors note
Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I will start updating every night again :)
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