Will you love me forever?

Sophie is going to schoolies at Ireland to become a photographer, but what she doesn't know is that she is going to meet the love of her life. Will it be too much to handle for her. Read to find out.


3. Love at first sight

Niall's pov
~18 hours later~
We headed off the plane and to the tour bus were they took us to the hotel where we would be staying for the 4 weeks we were here. Once we got there we all went into our separate rooms and went to bed. I am so excited to be back home.

Sophie's POV
I woke up to the sun rays shining in my face. I slowly got up and had a shower and put on some short shorts and a purple shirt ,with the word Love on the front, and slipped on my converses. I decided that I would go and take a few pictures to start off. I found a small park what looked quite old and started taking pictures.

Niall's POV
I woke up pretty early and none of the other boys were up so I thought that I might go for a walk. I chucked on some sweats and a plain blue shirt with a jumper and slipped into my high tops. I snuck out without waking up any of the boys. I knew exactly were I was gonna go. I headed to the small park what I used to go to when I was little. I sat down on the park bench and that was when I sore a tall girl with blonde hair taking photos of the park. She was gorgeous. Before I knew it I was heading towards her. "Hiya", I said a bit worried she might start fan girling. I must of startled her cause she jumped a bit. "Oh hey", she said sweetly. I knew as soon as she talked that she was from Australia. "Sorry about that". "Oh it's fine just wasn't expecting someone to come up to me that's all", she said as she giggled slightly. "Can I see your photos". Oh sure", she handed me her camera. I flicked through all her photos. "Wow your really good, do you do this for a living"? I asked curious. "Well I'm hoping to" she told me as I handed her camera back to her. All of the sudden I got a text from Liam, hey Niall we have to go for an interview in about 1 hour so be back ASAP. I quietly sighed so that she wouldn't hear me but she did. "What's wrong"? She asked a bit worried. "Oh I have to go erm to meet up with my friend now", I said making sure I wouldn't give anything away about me being in one direction. "Oh okay". "I know we only meet but would you like to go to dinner with me tonight", I asked her hoping she would say yes. "I would love to.." "Niall", I quickly said. "Sophie", wow thats a pretty name", i said. "thanks", she said while giggling again. She gave me her phone and i put my number in and I gave her my phone. I put my name in as Nialler<3 and handed it back to her. "See you soon then", I said as I started walking back. I can't wait to see her again.
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