Will you love me forever?

Sophie is going to schoolies at Ireland to become a photographer, but what she doesn't know is that she is going to meet the love of her life. Will it be too much to handle for her. Read to find out.


2. Good news

Zayns pov
We got to the recording room and we all sang for a few hours until they finally announced a break. "Don't go to far lads we need you back in about an hour", Simon yelled out. We all just nodded and walked out. Me and Louis went over to see Eleanor and Perrie while Harry, Liam and Niall went to go and get something to eat.

Harry's POV
We decide to go to a small cafe on the beachfront. We ordered our food and got it nearly instantly. We walked to the park and sat down at a park bench and ate our lunch. We started walking back when I got a phone call from Simon. I quickly picked it up and answered. S=Simon H=Harry.
H- "hello Simon"
S- "hello Harry, I have some news for you's".
H- "and that is?"
S- well it seems that you are now going to Ireland earlier than expected".
H- "when".
S- You's are leaving in 2 hours so go pack your stuff and meet Paul at the front in an hour, okay bye Harry".
H- "bye Simon".

"Well Harry"? The boys questioned me. "Well there has been a slight change in our plans, we are now leaving for Ireland in two hours so we have an hour to get our stuff ready and then we'll meet Paul at the front". I don't think that I've ever seen Niall jump so high. He was so excited. We messaged Louis and Zayn all the details and then headed back to our apartments to pack.
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