Will you love me forever?

Sophie is going to schoolies at Ireland to become a photographer, but what she doesn't know is that she is going to meet the love of her life. Will it be too much to handle for her. Read to find out.


1. Taking in the surroundings

Nialls POV
"NIALL WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!!!" Louis yelled at me while chucking a glass of water at my face. "LOUIS!!!!!!", I yelled while frantically jumping out of my bed, I'LL GET YOU BACK LOUIS!!" I yelled out to him. He ran out as fast as be could. I walked into my bathroom to have a shower and get changed. I quickly chucked on some skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt with my black toms. I walked down stairs to the other boys and grabbed some toast. "Boys we're leaving in 5", Paul yelled from outside. We all grabbed our stuff and headed out the door.

Sophies POV
BEEP BEEP. I slammed the snooze button and got up to get changed, today is the day I go to schoolies. well i wouldn't call it schoolies for me because well I'm not going to be out with my friends and parting, instead i'm gonna be going to ireland. why? well since i was 4 years old I've always wanted to be a photographer. I remember on my 13th birthday my mum and dad got me a really expensive camera and i took it everywhere I went and took photos of everything that interested me. Nearly a year after my mum and dad split up. I am now living with my dad. I haven't seen my mum since. I've always dreamt about her coming back to my dad and I but it has never happened. My dad and I have been saving up for me to go to Ireland for years because he has always said that it would be a great experience, especially for photographs.

I put some short shorts on and a plain green t-shirt and put my long dirty blonde hair up into a ponytail and headed down Stairs. I quickly grabbed an apple and my suitcases and headed out the door.
~14 hours later.
"Plane to Ireland has now landed", the pilot announced over the loud speaker. I slowly got up and exited the plane. I got my suitcases from baggage claim and then called a taxi. I finally got to the hotel that my dad had booked for me. It was huge. it had a king sized bed, a large bathroom, a giant plasma tv and a big kitchen. I jumped on the bed and laid there for a while just taking it all in.
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