Sick and Tired

Know how u sick and tired of everything? well I was to, that's why i wrote this.


1. Sick and Tired By: Emily Bell

Tired of it all.

Sick of the drama.

To much hate.

To much pain.

I ask myself: "Why me?"

I lay in bed asking myself the question over and over again.

I'm so tired but can't fall asleep.

Why me?

Is it all because of the drama, the pain?

When will it end? I'm tired of it all !

Just like my saying:

"One person can only take so much till they break."

So come on already! Take ME!

No more drama! No more pain!

Let it all be gone.

Nothing but sleep in its wake.

Ah yes!    Finally, I'm ready and gone.

I shall now rest in peace.......

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