A poem of life after death.


1. After Life By: Emily E. Bell

Life has gone, life has past.

Now I feel no pain,

But I feel lonely.

I open my eyes and find darkness.

I sit up and look around.

"Where am I?!" I yelled.

Then a flash of light like the shining sea floods out the dark.

Then i see it.

The light that with hold my family and my heart desires.

I'm filled up with joy but then I feel disgusted.

Those people in the light, waiting for me,

are dead.

So I finally saw the lights of the heavens that

threaten to swallow me in.

I took one last look, got up, and walked away forever, never to go back.

As I flee, I think:

"Life has gone, life has past. Death is only the beginning."

Over and over again, I think that, as I make my way through the darkness

to reach the other side.

Now this is the Afterlife.


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