Blood and Joy

A poem I wrote that will match any person who has lost that one person you thought was the one for you.


1. Blood and Joy By: Emily E. Bell

As I sank my teeth into the warm and richest taste that was ever created.

I feel its red shocking taste that spilled out of my victims neck to my waiting of my parting lips to the tip of my tongue.

The warm, rich blood ran past my lips and flowed down my stone-like throat.

As my blood thirst died down slowly as I swallowed each drop of blood.

I slowly, passionately drained my victim of their blood.

As I looked at the motionless, helpless body of the one I dearly loved,

I felt no remorse, but

I felt relieved.

For now, ever always, I do not have to look in those lost but beautiful eyes

of my once before lover.

His blood now flows through my cold, solid veins,

fighting for escape.

I feel no sorrow, no pain.

I watch, with blood trickling down the corners of my mouth.

As He, who shall not be named,

dies with the last speck of life in those cursed eyes,

as his skin turns stiff and turns to stone.

As I watch, I am filled with joy now the He and every feeling is gone.

I walk away, smiling and laughing,

to never return once again to

He, who shall not be named.  


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