Close to Home

After Lily pushed Harry to go onto the X-Factor to do what he loved she didn't think his life would end up moving on without her.

Harry has to break off the relationship and leaves without saying a real good-bye.

While Harry was touring the world in One Direction, Lily was trying to find who she was without Harry.

Seeing his face everywhere she finds it even more difficult to move on, but when she finally forgets him, One Direction are having a year long break to finish their last year of school in London, at Lily's school.

Has fame changed Harry? Will Lily forgive him? Will things ever be the same?

(I started writing this in 2012 so that's when it's set, that is why the boys are in school)


6. Chapter 6

I got home shutting the door quietly behind me, putting my keys on the coffee table. 

Before I could do anything else Ivy came running down the stairs.

"Quinn's here and she know about Harry." she said quietly. 

"What? How?!" I whisper shouted. 

"I went to the bathroom and she found the Harry box. I told you to get rid of that thing!" 

"Do you think she’ll be mad I never told her?" I was hoping I never had to tell her, turns out I didn’t, she went snooping on her own. 

“She'll understand" 

I walked upstairs nervously and into my room. 

"Quinn, the reason I didn't tell you is because I hate talking about it, not because I don't trust you, it’s embarrassing but I should have told you." 

"I get what you mean but we're best friends, next time just tell me. I'll never judge you." She said, offering a smile. “If anything, I would hate him for hurting you.”

 I looked over at Ivy standing in the doorway. 

"I have a confession to make and Ivy, I don't think you'll like this." 

She raised an eyebrow at me making me realize I probably shouldn't be telling her this. 

"I told Harry I wanted to be friends."  I said, waiting for the lecture Ivy was going to give me.

"What?! Lily why would you do that!  You know you can’t just be friends with him. Remember what you were like when he left you? You deserve someone like Austin, not Harry." 

"If Lily wants to be friends with him, it’s her choice. And remember Lily, Harry didn't leave you by choice, he had a reason to, I mean look where he is now. Isn't that what you wanted for him?"

"Yeah I guess, and I love Austin, but a long distance relationship is hard work. I'm not looking for another relationship with Harry though. I just need to see how things play out with Austin, he’s coming Back in a few weeks. Everything will be the same."  I hope.


Harry's POV

I had been lying on my bed for an hour and it was almost time for dinner. I left my room to go see what all the guys were up to. Down stairs Niall was still on the couch doing whatever on his phone, while Zayn was on his laptop in the kitchen. 

"You want pizza for dinner?" I asked.

"Yeah sure, I'll order." he said pulling his mobile out of his pocket. 

"Where are Liam and Louis?"

"Louis went out with Eleanor and Liam's at Andy's place, So it’s just us and Niall, if Niall wakes up and stops texting that girl, that is."  He laughs.

"What girl?" I asked.

A few seconds Niall walks in the kitchen, eyes still glued to his phone. 

"Who are you texting?" 

"A girl from school." He said showing me his phone. 

My jaw dropped when I saw Lily. "I don't know if you've seen her around, her names Ivy."

I then realized she wasn't the only person in the photo.

"Dude, what’s up with your mouth?" Zayn asked, laughing at me. 

"Oh, I just thought it was the other girl." 

"And if it was?" Niall questioned me. 

I never told the guys about Lily; all they knew was that I broke up with someone to be in One Direction, they never knew a name or anything.

"I just- She's just hot." I awkwardly laughed. 

"Yeah she is" They both agreed, making me slightly jealous, although I shouldn't be.



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