Close to Home

After Lily pushed Harry to go onto the X-Factor to do what he loved she didn't think his life would end up moving on without her.

Harry has to break off the relationship and leaves without saying a real good-bye.

While Harry was touring the world in One Direction, Lily was trying to find who she was without Harry.

Seeing his face everywhere she finds it even more difficult to move on, but when she finally forgets him, One Direction are having a year long break to finish their last year of school in London, at Lily's school.

Has fame changed Harry? Will Lily forgive him? Will things ever be the same?

(I started writing this in 2012 so that's when it's set, that is why the boys are in school)


5. Chapter 5

The next few weeks went by fast, I saw Harry every day, we didn't talk but I couldn't help but want him to try to talk to me.

I looked over at him in class, he was biting the end of his pen concentrating, and I couldn't help but smile remembering him doing the same thing when he was younger. 

He turned his head and caught me looking at him, I darted my head in the other direction right away. I could almost feel him smile. 

With the day dragging on slowly, everyone scurried through the halls to get to their lockers when finally the

Swarms of people shuffled out of the front doors of school all trying to squeeze out the door at once.

After waiting until it was less crowded I saw Harry in the parking lot.

He was putting his bag in the trunk when I tapped his arm in attempt to get his attention. He turned around and I could definitely tell that he was surprised to see me approaching him instead of the other way around.

"Um I wanted to talk to you about what you said the other week." I said awkwardly. "Okay" he said expectantly. "If you still want to, I wanna try to be friends" I force smile.

I guess I might as well be friends with him, because I'm going to be seeing a lot of him for a long time.  "Of course I still want to" he says grinning. 

He pulls me into a hug and it seems it’s my turn to be surprised.

 I forget about all the bad things and just hug him.  Before I know it, my phone rings and the caller ID reads, Austin, I smile and pull away from Harry. 

"Sorry I have to go" I see him frown as I answer the call and head to my car. 

"Hey babe" he says when I answer.  “I miss you, How's New York " I say, stepping into my car. 

Harry's POV 

She wanted to be friends. I smiled to myself. 

I need to figure out how to make it not-awkward, make things like they used to be, although I don't think the dating part will be reliving itself. 

I drove slowly out of the school car park, noticing that Lily was still there. 

She was talking to someone on the phone, she looked happy and then I realised, that guy was her boyfriend; she must be talking to him. 

I knew I should have felt how I was feeling, jealous. It wasn’t my place to feel envious of her boyfriend. I was the one who ended things. 

It wasn't your decision to end things. A voice in my head tells me, I bet we would still be together if I didn't listen to management and went with being happy. 

I pulled into the parking lot behind the apartment building where we were living.  The lobby was empty except for the middle aged man sitting behind the desk.  I walked out of the elevator on the 17th floor, and into our apartment. 

"Where've you been?" Niall asks, lying on the couch, texting.  “I just felt like driving around.”

The boys never really knew about Lily, so I didn't bother saying anything about her.

I went into my room threw my bag onto the couch and sat down. I looked over at the box in the corner; there was one left that I was yet to unpack. 

I knew what was in there but until now I couldn't bring myself to open it.  Walking over to it I picked it up and set it on my desk, taking out objects one by one.

There were tons of photos, some cards, presents all the things you share with someone when you're in love. 

I opened a card and a photo fell out. I picked it up an it was us on our six month anniversary in front of the arcade we went to, I remember she wanted to do something fun, and not be all serious. We both looked so happy in the photo, and I ruined it. 

I looked back at the card.

It read;

Dear Harry, Happy 16th Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day, you really deserve it. I want you to know that you are the best part of my life and whatever bad things happen they wont matter because I have you. I love you!  Lily. 

It even had the little heart at the end that she always drew. 

I frowned down at the card, put all the bits and pieces back into the box, it could stay in my closet for the time being. 

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