Close to Home

After Lily pushed Harry to go onto the X-Factor to do what he loved she didn't think his life would end up moving on without her.

Harry has to break off the relationship and leaves without saying a real good-bye.

While Harry was touring the world in One Direction, Lily was trying to find who she was without Harry.

Seeing his face everywhere she finds it even more difficult to move on, but when she finally forgets him, One Direction are having a year long break to finish their last year of school in London, at Lily's school.

Has fame changed Harry? Will Lily forgive him? Will things ever be the same?

(I started writing this in 2012 so that's when it's set, that is why the boys are in school)


4. Chapter 4

(Flashback 2010) 

The waves crashed loudly and the seagulls squawked over us flying in circles. 

We lay down on an old picnic blanket eating McDonald's on the sand. 

I drank the coke out of the cup, purposely making it make the annoying slurping sound that I knew Harry hated. 

"Knock it off would you." He said, with his mouth full of food, laughing. 

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Harry." I say throwing some chips at him.

"Oh, are you really starting this?" he questions me.

"Yes, I am." I say, pulling the neck of his t-shirt out and dropping some of my chips down his shirt. 

He raises his eyebrows before taking the ketchup covered patty and throwing it at my shirt. 

I look down and look at the patty that's stuck to the fabric; I can feel the oil seeping through my t-shirt. 

I take the ice out of my finished coke and throw it at him, running away before he can do anything else. 

He quickly catches up to me, throws me over his shoulder and runs straight for the water.

"HARRY, NO!" I scream as he throws me into the ocean. 

I resurface, soaking. I run up to him, pulling him in with me. At this point I'm thankful I left my phone on the picnic blanket. 

I laugh, splashing water on him, and trying to block the water that he's splashing back at me. 

He grabs me around the waist, "Truce?" I say slowly.

He smiles leaning down and kissing me.

I put my hands on his cheeks and pull back from the kiss, grinning up at him. 

"I love you" he says hurriedly, biting his lip. 

I pause for a few seconds, taken by surprise. 

With a huge smile on my face I tell him "I love you too" And I pull his face towards mine... 

(End of Flashback) 

"Earth to Lily? Are you sleeping with your eyes open again?" Ivy clicks her fingers in front of my face.

"What" I say snapping out of it. I forgot the first time Harry told me he loved me until that moment; I seemed to have forgotten I was in the middle of the crowded cafeteria.

I scan the room and Harry is looking right at me. Oh God, I look down at my plate stabbing some lettuce with my fork. 

"Who are you looking at?" My friend Quinn looks around the area where I saw Harry. 

Quinn was my closest friend after Ivy, but I never told her about Harry, it was a really tough subject for me. 

"The One Direction boys are so attractive" she swoons. 

I give Ivy a warning look "I think that they're way overrated." She says, knowing how I feel about them. 

"What, no they aren't, Why do you think that?" She asks, clearly confused. 

"I'm going to the bathroom" I stand up; I always try and steer clear of these conversations. 

I walk out into the hall and sit down at one of the benches in between all the lockers. 

And of course, because everything goes my way, Harry shows up out of nowhere and sits down next to me. 

"Hey" he says.

"Hi" I say quietly, looking at the ground. 

"I wanna be friends." He blurts out. 

"What? Why?" My gaze is still focused on the floor.

"I care about you, so much" he puts his hand on my knee, like he's trying to make me feel uncomfortable. 

"Usually a girl wouldn't really become friends with a guy who broke their heart." I bite my lip, looking at his pained expression that matches up with mine. His hand is still on my leg when Quinn and Ivy walk out of the cafeteria and stop when they see us. 

"Wow" Quinn says loudly. Oh god. 

Harry quickly pulls his hand away and I stand up fast. 

Ivy grabs my arm loosely and quickly says "let's go" pulling Quinn along as well and into a nearby classroom. 

Ivy gets close to me so Quinn can’t hear "I had to get you away from him." she breathes out slowly.

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