Close to Home

After Lily pushed Harry to go onto the X-Factor to do what he loved she didn't think his life would end up moving on without her.

Harry has to break off the relationship and leaves without saying a real good-bye.

While Harry was touring the world in One Direction, Lily was trying to find who she was without Harry.

Seeing his face everywhere she finds it even more difficult to move on, but when she finally forgets him, One Direction are having a year long break to finish their last year of school in London, at Lily's school.

Has fame changed Harry? Will Lily forgive him? Will things ever be the same?

(I started writing this in 2012 so that's when it's set, that is why the boys are in school)


3. Chapter 3

I walked down the hall at school carefully. I would be ready to avoid Harry if I saw him. I suspected it would be easy since him and the rest of One Direction are so famous hopefully a bunch of screaming girls will keep me prepared on their whereabouts.


My school isn't very large so I guess that's why their management chose this school. We have slightly over 600 students and most schools have a few thousand so it would be easier to keep it quiet but I doubt it will be like that anywhere for the boys.


I reached my locker right before hearing Principal Carlson on the PA system.


His harsh voice spoke "As many of you may know, the young men from the famous band, One Direction will be joining us at Oak Crescent High School for the upcoming year. If any of you decide to bother or hassle the boys I will find out and you will be rewarded with a detention. If the action is repeated you will then be given a suspension. You are to keep what happens in school to yourself and you are not to be telling people outside of the school grounds. If any of this happens there will be serious consequences. Have a nice day."


I laugh quietly at the fact that he's threatening us then ending his little speech with 'have a nice day.'


I didn't really think about the rules they would be giving us, and that they would be so strict about it, but I also understand how crazy teenage girls can be.


I grabbed my books for class and walked across the hall looking at the people I passed, still making sure I was ready to dodge Harry if I saw him.


I arrived at my first class, Biology.


I sat down at one of the desks at the back of the classroom. In biology I often found myself scribbling in my notebook rather than paying attention.


As I start drawing some flowers and swirls in the top corner on the first page in my new book I hear someone pull out a chair and sit down next to me.


I look up, and of course, its first period and I've failed at trying to stay away from him.


"I know you've obviously been avoiding me." He says, and yes he is right, does he expect me to want to see him.


Some girls in the row ahead of me shoot me glares, I assume because Harry is paying attention to me and not them. If I could switch places with them I definitely would.


"How could you possible know that, the day has barely started?" I state, because it’s true, how would he even know?


"So you don't mind if I sit here?" He smirks.


Damn it. I sit silently and continue to draw on my page.


I start drawing a swirl, bringing the pen around in circles making it bigger and bigger.


"I remember when you used to do that. It meant you were nervous."


I hated that he still remembered that. I scribble out the spiral so there's just a big mess on the top of my page. I rip the page out angrily and walk over to the bin, trying to think of how to get him to leave me alone this year.

I’ve got nothing, turning around I hurry back to my seat before the teacher gets here, which ends up taking a few minutes,


I look over in the corner of my eye and see a slight frown on his face.


I'm not exactly sure how I'm meant to act around him. I’m meant to hate him, right? I have no idea what to do so I'm trying my best to ignore him.


The teacher goes on for what feels like forever and I hear Harry tapping his pen obnoxiously loud next to me.


I turn my head to him and whisper shout, "Do you mind?!"


He smiles, dimples and all, "Sorry"


Why is he smiling? What is going on? I can't do this.


Harry's POV


She's the same, her hair still hangs over her face when she leans down to write in her book, she still has the concentrated look when she's focused on the drawings she does in the margin of her page, and she still zones out in class daydreaming about God knows what, even I don't think she ever realised I noticed, but I did. It's crazy how much I remembered about her, that I still do.


When class is dismissed she speed walks out of class like its some sort of race that she's determined to win.


It's obvious she wants to get away from me, I mean I did trap her next to me for the last hour but I want to try and patch things up and be her friend. I'll talk to her when I see her next about trying to be friends, I think as I pick up my books and walk out of the near empty classroom.


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