Close to Home

After Lily pushed Harry to go onto the X-Factor to do what he loved she didn't think his life would end up moving on without her.

Harry has to break off the relationship and leaves without saying a real good-bye.

While Harry was touring the world in One Direction, Lily was trying to find who she was without Harry.

Seeing his face everywhere she finds it even more difficult to move on, but when she finally forgets him, One Direction are having a year long break to finish their last year of school in London, at Lily's school.

Has fame changed Harry? Will Lily forgive him? Will things ever be the same?

(I started writing this in 2012 so that's when it's set, that is why the boys are in school)


2. Chapter 2


Lily’s POV

It had been a year since I’d moved to London with my mum and Ivy.

Ivy’s dads work gave him a promotion based in Canada and Ivy wanted to stay so she asked her dad and he said yes on the condition that she visits for a few days every month, which isn’t a problem for them because they’re pretty wealthy. I begged my mum to let her stay with us about a year and a half ago. About six of months ago my mum decided to move us to London because she was sick of our small town and in search of a new career. Ivy and I thought it would be an adventure so we were fine with it.

Now we were on summer break and there were 2 weeks until we went back to school for our last year.

I had a completely different life, it was difficult walking past the newsstands and seeing what whore Harry was with this week but I had a new boyfriend and my Harry memories had been hidden away for quite some time.

Austin and I had been together for almost four months; he was a year older than me and went to the same school as me last year.

He was going to college in New York in a couple weeks while I started my last year of school. He was sure he would be living there for a few years and coming back on holidays so we planned to give the ‘long distance relationship’ thing a shot.

I had grown up a lot since Harry, I don’t know if he’s grown up yet but I don’t think that really matters because we were finished a long time ago.

Harry’s POV

We finally had a chance to get back to London and finish our schooling, I was the only one who was actually still meant to be in school but all of us except Louis didn’t actually get a chance to finish school and Liam, Zayn and Niall were only one year above me so they were going to school as well.

We had just got to the city apartment for the first time and this was where we would be living.

It was extremely modern and had an amazing view of London with its huge windows along the walls. 
It was quite high up and was probably one of the highest floors of the building.

They boys walked down a hallway and I followed behind, it had doors along the walls which led to bedrooms.

“Who’s getting what rooms?” I asked.

“Why don’t we all just pick a random door?” Louis suggested.

“Sure” Liam agreed.

We all chose a door (mine at the end of the hallway) and opened them slowly. I opened mine and examined the room. Everything was black and white. There was a huge white bed with black nightstands on both sides and a black leather couch, some huge wardrobes, on the wall to the right, the wall ahead was made of glass showing the old fashioned buildings outside, the other wall was the same as the opposite but with a big flat screen T.V, a desk lining the wall with a chair and a mini fridge, as the door to what I assumed was the bathroom.

On the wall that the door was on there were black cupboards on either side. I dragged my suitcases in and put them next to the bed.

This is where I would spend the next year living.

Lily’s POV

1 week later

My phone buzzed on the makeup table. I put my mascara down and checked it,

Austin: can I head to your house now? Xx

Me: Yeah I’ll be ready when you get here (: xx

I finished my makeup wearing blue jeans, red converse and a white button up shirt.

I went downstairs read some of a magazine either mum or Ivy left on the table then turned on the T.V while I was waiting.

It turned onto the news channel. “World famous boy band, One Direction are back in London-Ugh. I clicked off the T.V; I was fine without knowing what was happening in his life, I was pulled out of my thoughts when the door bell rang.

I opened it and instantly smiled, Austin.

He leant down and kissed me.

 “Do you wanna go into the city?” I asked smiling.

“Yeah, we should get breakfast” He said, I looked at the time on my phone, it was 11:00 “I haven’t eaten so okay, star bucks?” I replied.


In the car we talked about what we were planning on doing before Austin moved.

We arrived at Starbucks and looked through the window, it was crowded, Austin looked down at me, “You can stay out here if you want, I’ll get the stuff”

“Okay thanks,” I smiled “Can you please get me a regular hot chocolate”

“Do you want anything to eat?”

“just a cupcake, you choose” I added.

I sat down on a near park bench and checked my facebook while I was waiting.

After about ten minutes I saw Austin come out the doors holding two coffee cups and a paper bag.

 He handed me the hot chocolate, I took a sip and burned my tongue. Scrunching my eyes together I opened them and saw who I never expected to be staring at me.

Harry Styles. I dropped the drink to my feet.

Harry’s POV   

I saw her. Lily.

In London? Why is she in London?

She looked older. And different, but the same, She had her hair tied back in pony tail. Her hair was longer; she wore a white shirt buttoned all the way up and blue jeans with red converse. She looked gorgeous. There was a guy next to her I had never seen before was he her boyfriend? He handed her a coffee and the next thing I knew she was looking at me and the coffee was hitting the ground.

I took a step closer. “Lily?”
Her eyes were wide with shock.

“What are you doing in London?” I asked, confused.

“I live here; shouldn’t you be in some other country?” She snapped, which made me realise she probably hated me; I had almost forgotten how things were ended.

“We’re staying here for the year to finish school” I confirmed.

“What school are you going to?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“Something Crescent, Oak Crescent I think?”

Her eyes widened, “I have to go.” She grabbed the hand of the confused looking guy and almost ran off.

I hoped I was going to be seeing more of her this year.

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