Deep In Love

Taylor is an everyday girl living her life until fate brings the charming Harry Styles into her life. Taylor doesnt want anything to do with him but Harry is head over heels for her. How long will it take for Taylor to like him back?


16. Save Me


Taylor's POV

When we got back, we were both still sad from the funeral and were silent the entire car ride home. My thoughts were blurred from the funeral. Every now and then, tears would just spill down my face. I hid it as best I can. I climbed up the stairs into my room. I wanted to be alone. I needed to be. I changed into some sweatpants and jumped into bed. I was tired and sad at the same time. My eyes closed and I fell asleep instantly. I slept for 2 hours before I woke up to a throbbing headache. I changed into some comfortable shorts and shirt then headed downstairs. I got some water to try to help the throbbing in my head. Didn't work. I decided I wanted some fresh air. I looked around for Harry but he was passed out on the couch. I decided to leave him a note saying I was going out then I closed the door behind me quietly. 

I ran to the grocery and picked up some food. We were running out of that for a while now. On the way back home, I passed by this dark alleyway. No one is usually there but then today, a blonde hair, fit, blue eyed guy was there. David. He was just there. Sitting down. With his head in his hands. I came closer. The smell of the alleyway smelled like drainage. I wrinkled my nose. There was tons of cigarettes and beer bottles lying on the cold wet floor. "Hey, you ok?" I asked him. He didn't respond. I approached him and kneeled down. "David, are you ok? What happened?" I asked again. He slowly lifted his head up. I nearly screamed when I saw him. He had deep hollow gray circles under his eyes. Up close, his usual blue striking eyes have turned gray and dark. Even his hair looked darker than usual. I noticed his face was thinner. He almost looked like he hadn't slept and eaten in days. "David. W-what happened to you?" I said shakily. He didn't answer me and just stood up. I stood up as well wondering what he'd do next. He kept his eyes on the ground. The entire time he hadn't even made eye contact with me. He started to scare me. "Um... I guess I'll just get going." I say backing away slowly. "NO!" He suddenly yelled. My body jumped. He finally turned his head to me and looked at me directly in the eye. He stepped closer to me that I could see the mist coming out of his nose while he was breathing.

Out of the blue, he grabbed my face in his hands and brought it towards his. The next second, my lips is roughly pressed against his. I have always dreamed of this moment for ages but this was not what I expected. His kiss was urgent and rough. He had his hands pressed on my breasts. He pressed my body on the hard cold wall of the alley. I tried to push him away with my hands but he wouldn't budge. He was too heavy. The more I was resisting, the more he pressed me harder on the wall. I looked around me thinking what I could to pull myself away from him. I saw a broken beer bottle beside where he sat awhile ago. I felt my bones and lungs squished against each other. It was hard to breathe.

He then started moving his hands to the bottom of my shirt and tried removing it. This was when I started to panic. I thrashed my hands trying to free myself. Now topless, I shivered from the cold air. Finally, I pulled my face away from his and screamed. I dropped my groceries, pushed him harshly away from me and just decided to run. I wasn't fast enough. He grabbed me by the waist and pinned me down on the sharp hard ground. He pinned me down to hard that my head landed first. I felt a deep unexplainable pain the next second. My head was bleeding, cut from the sharp floor. I cried in pain. David grabbed me by the hair already covered in blood and lifted me up. I screamed in pain. He tried trying to make me stand up but my legs wouldn't work. I stumbled back on the floor helplessly. He harshly pulled me back up. "STAND UP, BITCH" He yelled at my tear stained face. I tried but my legs quivered. David screamed at me. He dug his hand in his pocket searching for something. When he pulled it out, it was a knife. My eyes widened. "You stand up or you get this in your leg." He whispered in my ear. I fell. He stared into my eyes. And pierced the knife into my right thigh. I screamed and panted. Tears bursting from my eyes and going down my face. Blood poured from the wound. This is it. This is how I die. I wouldn't have guessed this is how I'd die. I mumbled a silent prayer to myself. David pulled the knife from my leg. Ready to strike again. My vision blurred and my eyes saw white. David was ready to strike another time.

Before he could, a sound of a punching echoed my ears. David fell to the ground. A familiar boy came into view. Harry. He punched and kicked David repeatedly with David fighting him back. "DO NOT TOUCH HER!" Harry screamed angrily at David. I breathed rapidly. Struggling to keep my eyes open. When David lost, Harry ran to my side. "Taylor, Taylor. Please stay with me. Stay with me" Harry begged. His voice became murmurs after that. I was falling. My eyes closed and everything went black. Like last time. But this time, light it didn't come back. 


*Author's note* Finally got to update. Yay! Hope you liked this chapter or at least found in interesting. Tell me what you think of this chapter down in the comments pls :) Feedback is appreciated. 

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