Deep In Love

Taylor is an everyday girl living her life until fate brings the charming Harry Styles into her life. Taylor doesnt want anything to do with him but Harry is head over heels for her. How long will it take for Taylor to like him back?


12. Party


(WARNING: Teenage Party with alcohol and drugs. There are also some swear words) 

Taylor's POV

We drove about 30 minutes to Amber's house and when we got there, my mouth literally just dropped open. It was this beautiful cream coloured house that was just massive. It was like a mansion. The party already started since the music was booming loudly and lights were everywhere. I had goosebumps. I  was really nervous, this is my first real party that I ever attended and the paparazzi wasn't helping with my nervousness. The second we stepped out of our car, paparazzi surrounded us. Harry led me, Sara and Leah out of the paparazzi's way putting an arm around me protectively. I actually felt safe for a while there.

When we got in, I swear my ears could've died. The music was on full blast. I couldn't even hear myself. The house smell was filled with beer and tobacco. Everyone was drunk, smoking or making out with someone on the wall or couch. I wrinkled my nose to the smell. My head started to ache. Harry with his arm still around me was guiding me through the crowd. I could feel everyone's eyes were on us when we came in, whispers and glares started around the room. It was disgusting how some drunk girls came up to Harry wanting to dance with his and humping his leg. Drunk. Definitely. Thank goodness Harry just shoved them kindly away. Amber's living room is very big. All of her big couches and fancy pillows and chairs were all occupied by people. Sara whispered something in my ear but the music was so loud that it was just a bunch of murmurs. We squeezed our way through the crowd finding somewhere that wouldn't kill our eardrums. Out of no where, Amber just pounced on Harry. "Hey, Taylor! Can I borrow Harry for sec?" She asked. She was wearing a tight very revealing fire engine red dress showing her cleavage. Before I could answer, she already pulled Harry away from me. Now I was just standing here alone. Sara and Leah went somewhere else and we lost them through the crowd. 

Oh, great. Now I'm the loner again with no friends to talk to since everyone basically hates me and now Harry's gone with Amber. Whatever, this is bound to happen anyway. I hope he has a good time with her. The prettiest girl in this town with her revealing dress. I went to the back and there was a big pool. I walked carefully away from it. Scared of water. I looked around for David. Maybe I can talk to him since Amber got Harry. I made my way through and finally saw David with his friends. Drinking. I made my way over to them. It took a while for them to notice me after calling their names several times and clearing my throat in front of them for the 4th time. "Oh hey, Taylor. You look good today." David finally said turning to me. His face was bright red and he had an empty beer bottle in his hand. "Hey." I croaked really nervous. "Want some beer?" He asked. "Ugh, no thanks." I say stepping back a little. "C'mon have some fun! It's only tonight! Plus it's not like you ever go to these parties since you're never invited to these." I look down a bit hurt. David didn't notice and just turned back to his friends. 

I walked away from him knowing that he's not interested in talking to me. Suddenly, loud gasps filled the room. I looked up trying to see who everyone was gasping about. When I saw who it was, my eyes widened.Caitlyn. She's one of Amber's victims as well. Bullied and harassed by her everyday. Caitlyn was born without any feet. She goes around in a wheel chair and that's why Amber bullies her. Being a fellow Amber victim, we got to know each other and we'd talk. She's really quiet and her head is down with her hair covering her face but once you get to know her, she's loud and fun to talk to. 

Anyway, when Caitlyn walked in, her hair was tied up and she rolling the wheels of her wheel chair with total confidence that she's actually proud that she doesn't have legs. The crowd makes way for her still with their shocked faces as she made her way to Amber. "You're a bitch." She said right to Amber's face. "I did not do anything to you, Amber but yet you choose to ruin my life. I'm sorry that I'm not pretty and rich like you but at least I'm not a fucking bitch that hurts people like you!" Caitlyn said with the most confidence I've ever seen her been. The look on Amber's face was boiling with rage. Amber slapped Caitlyn right through the face. Not only that but Amber poured her beer right on top of Caitlyn drenching her. Caitlyn had a red hand mark on her cheek and her clothes drenched with beer she still stayed strong. "What a loser you are, Caitlyn. Admit it. You're an ugly, useless person who needs a stupid wheel chair to go around! You deserve those wheels, Caitlyn! Oh wait, no. You deserve to DIE!" Amber boomed. She raised her fist and was about to punch her but I couldn't take it anymore. No one deserves this. I stepped in front of Caitlyn protecting her from Amber and stopped Amber's fist hitting Caitlyn. "Leave.her.alone." I narrowed my eyebrows. "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, TAYLOR!" Amber screamed and tried harshly to push me away. I stood my ground and didn't back away. I turned my head towards Caitlyn and she mouthed, "Thank you." I nodded my head and faced Amber again.

"SOMEONE, GET THIS FUCKING GIRL OUT OF MY WAY! DROP HER IN THE POOL. NOW!" Amber commanded. "What?! No, No, No! Amber, please dont! I'm scared of water! Please dont." I begged my heart beating faster and legs wobbly. A large guy picked me up and carried me outside. I kicked my legs and tried to get out of his grip. I heard a scream from inside. Caitlyn. No! Once, I saw the water. The tears started coming. I heard Harry from a distance. I gripped the guy's shirt tightly. "Please. I'm begging you. Please dont drop me in." I whimpered my whole body shivering. "I'm sorry but if not, she'll kill me." He said sorrily. He dropped me. I felt myself falling. Everything in slow motion. The cold water collided with my skin and my brain was on panic mode. I thrashed my arms and legs in every direction trying to keep my head up and out of the water. I breathed fast. My heart beating fast. I was failing. My nose inhaling water. My world started going blurry. Sounds of laughter surrounded me. "TAYLOR!" I heard Harry shout.



And then nothing. Everything went black. 



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