Deep In Love

Taylor is an everyday girl living her life until fate brings the charming Harry Styles into her life. Taylor doesnt want anything to do with him but Harry is head over heels for her. How long will it take for Taylor to like him back?


8. Movie!

Taylor's POV

"They're here."I told them. The girls quickly fixed themselves and had one last look in the mirror before they allowed me to open the door. When I opened the door, Harry was standing in a simple black t shirt and jeans. "Hello." He smiled and saw my friends behind me. He pushed past me like I was invisible and not even bothering to ask me to come in and to introduce himself to Sara and Leah. He shook their hands with a big smile on his face calling them beautiful and not even taking a glance at me. Um...ok... Is he ignoring me? The only time he spoke to me at that time was "C'mon Taylor, we can't keep your beautiful friends waiting, let's go!" Harry spoke eyeing Sara and Leah. I moved out their way and shut the door to my house. 

Harry led us to his car and opened the door letting Sara and Leah in the back joined together with Liam and Niall which leaves me and Harry to sit in the front. He's got to start talking to me now... Apparently not. The entire way while Liam, Niall, Sara and Leah were busy chattering in the back, me and Harry were silent in the front. It was super awkward in so many different levels. Right now, I feel like singing "Story of Us" by Taylor Swift. 'Now I'm standing alone in crowded room and we're not speaking and I'm dying to know if it's killing you like it's killing me, yeah. I don't know what to say since the twist of fate when it all broke down but the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now.'

Whenever I'd try to start a conversation, Harry would just answer with a 'yes' or 'no' so it was really hard to keep talking. I just gave up in the end. No use. When we finally we reached cinema, I breathed a sigh of a relief. That car ride took ages. 

"So... what are we going to watch?" I asked the others ignoring Harry back. "Well, I want to watch the Hobbit." Niall suggested. "Yeah, me too" Leah chirped in giving Niall a smile.  The others agreed and so that was what we were watching. The boys paid for our tickets even though we offered to pay for our own. We did pay them back though by buying popcorn. We then entered the movie theatre in time for the movie to start. As if fate wanted it, I was sat beside Harry. Again. I sighed and tried to make the best of it. 

Like in the car, we didn't speak a word to each other throughout the movie while the rest were smiling and enjoying themselves. The time the movie took to end didn't help. I was happy when it ended. End to this very awkward movie hang out. I don't understand why Harry is ignoring me. Was it because I rejected him? If that's the reason, might as well not invite me along. When we got out, my friends pulled me aside. 

"OMG, Taylor!!! I can't believe it's actually One Direction we're hanging out with! I love Liam!!! He's so adorable!" Sara started fangirling. "IKR! I find Niall the cutest though. I hope he has feelings for me because I do..." Leah added blushing. "Awww, Leah... I'm sure he likes you just as much as you like him." I said patting Leah on the shoulder. "How about you and Harry, Taylor? Harry looks like he's really into you!" Sara said turning to me. "No! He was ignoring me the entire time!" "Yeah, maybe. But his eyes kept on wandering to you. All the time. Even during the movie. He would just look and stare at you which I cannot believe you didn't notice!" Sara said raising her eyebrows. "Yeah, I noticed that too." Leah said. I looked down, confused. "C'mon, let's go back. The boys are staring." Leah said pointing to the guys and dragging me to them.

"Is something wrong?" Liam asked with a worried face. "No, everything's fine" Sara smiled sweetly. "We got you guys Starbucks." Niall said almost nearly finished with his. Harry handed them out to us but when he was about to give mine, we made eye contact and I looked into his beautiful sea green eyes but then he just dropped my drink before I could reach to get it spilling it all over my shirt. "Oh, no! I'm so so sorry!" Harry said looking down at my shirt. I couldn't help but laugh. "Same thing that happened at the beach remember?" I giggled and helped him pick up the remains of my Starbucks. "I'll go get some tissue." Harry said with a sad face. "Harry don't worry. I'm fine. Please. It's ok" I looked at him directly in the eye and smiled. Harry leaned in...


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