Deep In Love

Taylor is an everyday girl living her life until fate brings the charming Harry Styles into her life. Taylor doesnt want anything to do with him but Harry is head over heels for her. How long will it take for Taylor to like him back?


7. Getting ready

Taylor's POV 

I felt really surprised when Harry texted me today because it's been a whole week since Harry last called me and I feel horrible! I never wanted to hurt him like that but I didn't really like him as a boyfriend either. I like David and that's not going to change.

I read the text,"Hey, me and the boys are watching a movie today. Pick you up at 4? As friends? I'm taking some of my friends with me if you're ok with it. You can bring a friend too :)" I texted him back, "Sure, my address is 130  Oakwood Road. See you there :D" At least he's still talking to me. I checked the time and he's going to be coming here in 5 hours. I quickly texted Sara and Leah (my best and only friends) to come over and bring some nice clothes then I shrugged and continued reading. It was still a long time. We're just friends so I'm not going to take that much effort to look good. I spent the next 2 hours reading and listening to music and dancing like a crazy retard that needs to go to a mental hospital. Anyway, Sara and Leah arrived at around 2pm. They burst through the front door asking tons of questions to who were the boys and what are we doing, etc etc that i refused to answer over text message because I was afraid that they might get over excited and die even before they reached my house. "
So who are those boys???" Sara asked with desperate eyes. "Well... the boy who invited me was this boy named Harry...Styles" I said. "No, seriously. Who invited you?" Leah asked not believing me. "He really is! I'm telling the truth. I know it's a bit hard to believe but he really did. Harry Styles from One Direction asked me and you guys out for a little hangout." I said carefully explaining it to them. They just stared at me with raised eyebrows. "Ok! Fine! Don't believe me but they are coming here in 2 hours so might as well get ready if you want to impress them." I said giving up. "What??? 2 hours??? I still don't really believe that Harry Styles asked us but if it's a boy, I need to get ready!" Sara freaked out and immediately ran into the bathroom to shower and get ready. 

Me and Leah laughed and went into my room while waiting. "Is it really Harry Styles? Or your just messing with us?" Leah turned to me while 'Wings' by Little Mix was blasting in my room. "Yes, I cross my heart." "Can you look me in the eye and say that it's really One Direction picking us up?" Leah asked still unsure. "Ok. One Direction invited us out for a hangout. The real One Direction. I'm not lying." I looked at her straight in the eye without smiling. "OMG!!!! I should've brought nicer clothes if I'd known! I can't just wear this!" Leah said with a worried face. "Don't worry, you can borrow some of mine. But it's only a movie so don't over do it." I offered. "Oh thank you thank you thank you!" Leah said hugging me. "No problem." I gave her a pat on the head. Leah then rushed to my closet and pulled out every one of my clothes and was throwing it around the room desperately looking for something to wear. Finally, she decided to wear one of my blue ruffled shirt and jeans while Sara after 45 minutes in the shower decided to wear a simple white dress. I was last one who went in the shower and finished in less than 15 minutes wearing shorts and a simple tshirt. 

"Really? You're wearing that on a date with One Direction? I don't know how anyone can be more stupid!" Sara said. "What? And anyway it's not a date. It's just hanging out" I said crossing my arms. "Date or hang out, I wanna look good for the biggest boyband in the world." Sara pointed out. "It's ok, they're still ordinary boys and I would dress like this with an ordinary boy." Before Sara could answer back, the doorbell rang. 

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