Deep In Love

Taylor is an everyday girl living her life until fate brings the charming Harry Styles into her life. Taylor doesnt want anything to do with him but Harry is head over heels for her. How long will it take for Taylor to like him back?


15. Death


Taylor's POV

Me and Harry went back home from swimming. We were both quite exhausted and very hungry. We made ourselves some sandwiches. My sandwich was the normal ham and cheese but Harry did something a bit different. He made his sandwich with only mustard, mayonaise and ketchup. I gave him a look. "What?" He asked with his mouth stuffed with bread. "What kind of sandwich is that?" I say raising my eyebrows half smiling. "You should try it. It's really good! Especially when you add  toothpaste." He says handing me a bite. "Uhh, no thanks." I say disgusted. "Ahahahaha, I'm just kidding! I'm never going to eat sandwich with toothpaste. That's just disgusting but I want to see what it taste like." He says. "God, Harry! I thought for a second there that you were like this toothpaste eating weirdo!" I say hitting his arm playfully. Harry laughed, "And you actually believed me!" We both laughed until we heard the phone go off. 

"I'll get it" I say walking over. "Hello?" "Taylor! Oh my god. Thank goodness you're home. We've been trying to call you for the entire morning!" Sara says throught the phone. "Why? What happened?" I asked worriedly. "Ca-Caitlyn... killed herself."she says. My heart stopped and I couldn't find my voice. "Yesterday. After the party. After she was tormented by Amber's gang, she went home and hanged herself. No one knew until this morning when her mum came to check on her." I swallowed. No, no. She can't die. "Her funeral is tomorrow at 10 am. Me and Leah are going." Sara says quietly. I cleared my throat and swallowed. Holding the tears from bursting. "Yah, I'm coming too." I say. "Ok, see you there." 

"Hey everything ok?" Harry called out from the kitchen. I didn't reply. Instead, ran up to my room and slammed the door without meaning to. I needed to be alone now. I don't want Harry to see me like this again. I cried on my pillow drenching the covers. 2 minutes later, Harry came up to the door and knocked. "Taylor! Are you ok in there?!" He asked from the other side. I don't know why but I felt really annoyed and angry at this. Did no one come for Caitlyn? Caitlyn didn't deserve to die. I did. It should've been me. Not Caitlyn. Harry should've saved her. She was the one who needed it. Not me. Now it's too late. It's all my fault. If only I knew how to swim, this would never happen and I could've helped Caitlyn and Harry didn't need to save me. I thought about all the times Caitlyn was alone. About how the times I just ignored her while she was eating alone in the library. I thought of all the times that I didn't stand up for her when Amber bullied her. I only stood up for her during the party and that was it. I should've let Caitlyn in our little group. But we didn't. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed through tears. "Taylor, please let me in. What's going on?" Harry begged. "NO! LEAVE ME ALONE, HARRY!" I screamed. I immediately regretted shouting that loud at Harry. It wasn't his fault. I was being a bitch. 

I cried and cried for 2 hours straight until I fell asleep. I woke up 3 hours later and it was already 6pm. I went into the bathroom to clean up and shower before going down to apologize to Harry. When went into the living room, Harry was fast asleep on the couch. I felt sorry for him. He was shivering from the cold and just had my not-very-comfortable couch to sleep on. I went up and got my bright pink blanket from my bed and went to wrap it around him. Then I went to the kitchen to cook some dinner.

I opened the fridge and decided to roast some chicken since that was the only thing that was in there. When I stuffed it in the oven, I realized that I had goosebumps and were shivering a bit as well. Before I could go up and get a jacket, something was touching back. I turned around and there was Harry with the blanket over his head. "BOO!" He shouted. I screamed and fell to the ground. Harry removed the blanket from his head and fell to the ground laughing. I brushed myself off and punched him on his arm. "Ow." Harry says rubbing the spot where I punched him. "What? That's what you get for scaring me! And plus, that punch wasn't even that hard. Baby." I say smirking. "Oh, you crossed the line. You want another tickle?" He asks with an grin forming on his face. "OH NO NO NO" I scream as I quickly start running. Harry chased after me. We chased each other around the living room for 10 minutes before Harry finally caught me. We both fell on the couch laughing and tickling each other and then for a few minutes which seemed like hours, we just stared at each other. 

We were only inches apart that I could feel his breath and how it smelled like pepper mint. I felt the heat from his body and how his eyes made my heart beat faster. I looked to his lips. I loved the way he bite his lips. It sent my tummy butterflies. His wild curly hair is all over the place. I giggled putting the front part of his hair out of his face. I didn't really notice until now that Harry is really good looking. I don't know why but I feel this sudden urge to lean in and kiss him. I was so happy at that moment that even forgot about telling Harry about Caitlyn. Tears formed in my eyes again at the thought of her. I told Harry about Caitlyn and how she suicided and how she was bullied by Amber. Harry was a good listener and comforted me while rubbing circles on my back. Whenever I'm with Harry, I'm always so happy. He always has a way of cheering me up no matter what. 

A burning smell entered my nose. "What's that?" Harry asked sniffing it too. "Uh. Oh." I jumped out of the couch and ran to the kitchen. The chicken. I totally forgot about it. I opened the oven and it was filled with black smoke. I coughed and covered my nose. I ran and got my cooking gloves but Harry got them from me and told me he'll do it before I could say anything else. Harry came back to me with burned chicken after all the smoke has settled. "Maybe I should do the cooking next time." Harry says staring at the burned chicken on the kitchen counter. "I'm sorry, Harry. We were too busy giggling and laughing that I totally forgot about the chicken."  I say staring at the chicken as well. "Eh, it's ok. But yah, you should be sorry. Your terrible cooking skill are unforgivable. We have nothing to eat now. Guess we have to go to McDonalds." Harry says with a serious face but has a joking sound. 


 The next day, me and Harry dressed in our black attire for the funeral. "Um... Harry? This is a bit awkward but can you zip my dress for me?" I asked peeking my head through the door. Harry cleared his throat. "Sure." He made his way up to my room. I was wearing my only black dress which is a little lace dress which I got from my mom. The zip goes quite low, showing a bit of my underwear but I didn't have anyone else to zip it so I had to ask Harry. I turned around and lifted my curly hair for Harry to zip my dress. It felt awkward standing there with my back, bra and underwear showing. I felt Harry's breath on my shoulder as he zipped the dress up. I shivered to it hoping he wouldn't notice. I thanked him and did the remaining touches for my make up. 

We jumped in Harry's car and drove away. We arrived at the church in time. Some people from school were there but the rest were probably Caitlyn's family. Me and Harry made our way into the church. We sat next to Sara and Leah. Caitlyn's mom came over to us to thank us for coming with tear stains in her eyes and her make up already ruined. She looked exactly like Caitlyn. With her red hair, dimples and shining hazel eyes. Tears streamed down my face when Caitlyn's relatives and family talked about her childhood and about how she loved to draw and taking care of the garden. Caitlyn's little sister was crying so much throughout. Harry held my hand and I rested my head on his shoulder. 

After church, everyone made their way over to the cemetery. We watched in our blur of tears as Caitlyn was lowered to the ground. Everyone was silent except for the wind rustling. Caitlyn was a good person. She never deserved this. She didn't deserve to die. No one does. I imagined all the nights when Caitlyn was alone in her room crying and cutting herself. Thinking of killing herself right then and there. I guess Caitlyn went to Amber's party because she had enough. She was alone and bullied. She already planned to kill herself that night. Amber should open her eyes and see that the things she does effects the person in such a deep and strong way.


*Author's Note: To all my readers, I hope that you can reflect to this. You might be bullies without even knowing it. Think before you do/ say something. It could really hurt a person no matter what. I've been reading some stuff on the internet recently that SOME Directioners are giving other people who like other bands hate. My friend hates Directioners because they think they are 'obsessive.' Some Directioners send hate to the boys' girlfriends. I'm a fan of Taylor Swift and when they were still dating, it wasn't easy seeing all the hate Taylor got from Directioners. Taylor lost a lot of weight from the shock of the hate that people were giving her. Harry is not your property. He is free to date whoever he wants to. It's not ours. I know they've broken up but this is for future reasons. What do directioners stand for now? What do other people think of directioners? Please, to those who sent hate to anyone, think please. Thank you. 

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