Deep In Love

Taylor is an everyday girl living her life until fate brings the charming Harry Styles into her life. Taylor doesnt want anything to do with him but Harry is head over heels for her. How long will it take for Taylor to like him back?


4. David and Amber


Taylor's POV

When I came back home, I went upstairs, showered and changed into my pajamas. It was nice and cozy being in my pajamas with some hot chocolate on a cold night. Suddenly my phone beeped. I checked my phone and it was a text from Harry. "Hey, wanna hang out tomorrow at 6?" I threw my phone back having no idea what to answer back. I feel really mean right now but it's just that I'm in love with David. Maybe when I get over him I might think about it but right now I just want to be friends.

I got my computer and went to David’s profile on Facebook. I might sound like a creep now but you gotta admit, you do that to your crush sometimes too. I clicked on his profile pic for the millionth time. I sighed. David is the hottest most popular boy in school and I can imagine us together- if only he didn't have a girlfriend. For some reason God has chosen Amber to be his girlfriend who also happens to be my enemy since like the beginning of time! Anyway, Amber is the prettiest coolest (and sluttiest) girl and of course they're going out together because that's how popularity works. 

On my side of the picture, I'm this wallflower that who has 2 friends, doesn't talk much and will never get the guy of her dreams. I'm just part of the crowd. I never stood out from everyone, ever. I was always just in the background blending in with everyone else trying to move on with my life. Amber, on the other hand, has all the latest gadgets, designer clothes, bags, jewelry and David. Being the daughter of a rich business man, you get everything you want. Out of everything she has, she still has the dignity to bully people. Example: Me. 

I've been bullied by Amber for as long as I can remember. In Nursery, she would take away my pillow during nap time. In middle school, she would bump me in the hallways (making me drop my books) then calling me "loser" while I'm picking up my books. Don't even get me started on high school, that was just hell on earth. She'd steal my clothes from the locker room, trip me while I'm walking, insulting me all the time and several times, 'accidentally' spilling my food all over my clothes, embarrassing me in front of the entire school. The only friends I have are the ones who get bullied by her as well but their cool and we help each other. Now that I'm graduating in a year, I'm extremely happy to be saying good bye to Amber's face. 

*Author's Note: Sorry for the really boring chapter. Hope everyone doesn't loose interest and stop reading :) I just needed to introduce some people to the story so it will make sense later


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