Deep In Love

Taylor is an everyday girl living her life until fate brings the charming Harry Styles into her life. Taylor doesnt want anything to do with him but Harry is head over heels for her. How long will it take for Taylor to like him back?


2. Beach

Taylor's POV

I woke up to birds chirping outside my window and the sun streaming down my face. I yawned and opened my eyes. I slowly climbed out of my bed and put on my fluffy pink slippers. 9:36. I had a heart attack for a second but then realized it's a Saturday and school ended yesterday so now it's summer! I walked to my closet and began sifting through my clothes deciding on what to wear. I chose a purple tank top with some shorts. I knew exactly what I'd be doing today. Now that school is not to be a worry for 2 months, I have loads of time to spend at the beach and read. I smiled at myself when I saw my newly borrowed book from the library. 
I then jumped in the shower. The water was cold and that's how I liked it. After showering, I combed my dark brown curly hair then tied it up. I applied a bit of make up then chose some flip flops and went down the stairs. 
I smelled pancakes and made my way quickly down the stairs with my mouth watering. Didn't realized I was starving until now. I gave myself 2 pancakes and squirted some syrup on it. I then made my way to the dining table and ate my pancakes gladly. "Aaaahhh, the whole place to myself since my parents are on a business trip"I thought to myself. Soft fur touched my leg. I looked under the table and saw my cat, Melon, begging for food. I laughed and pet her head. I stood up and put some cat food in her bowl, she purred and ate contentedly. 
I washed my plate and put the pancakes in the fridge, got my book and wallet then was out of the door. 

I walked 5 minutes to Starbucks then went to order my frap. It was a hot day and the sun was shining so a cold green tea frap would be nice. After I got my order, I made my way down to the beach. As soon as the sound of the waves hit my ear, the warm sun streaming down on my face and the sand touched my feet, I was in heaven. This is all I ever want in my life. Beach + Book= Relaxation. I can just live here. 

I sat down and began reading. My fairytale land adventure was interrupted by loud music. I looked up from my book, annoyed. At the other side of the beach were several guys playing some football and swimming in the ocean. I rolled my eyes and tried reading again. No luck. 

Harry's POV 
It was a beautiful day and the boys and I decided to go to the beach to rest and relax. Being in Kenmore for vacation was awesome. It's very beautiful and the people were very friendly. Me, Louis and Zayn were playing a nice game of football while Liam and Niall were swimming on the beach. I looked around the beach and saw a girl not so far from us. She looked quite cute. "HARRY! Look out!" Zayn called. I snapped my head and saw the football coming towards me. My senses took over and I found my leg kicking the ball away from me hard, going the other direction as I was suppose to kick it. "Whoops sorry, got distracted. I'll go get it." I said. It turns out the ball landed really near the girl I was checking out. This is my chance to talk to her. 

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