Alfie's Always Amazing

A Poem I made for my friend Emma about her Jack Russell Alfie.

(Please can people let me know what they think of this poem)

I hope you like it Emma :) If there's anything you don't like and want changed, or anything you want added, don't be afraid to ask me, I won't get offended as I like people picking up on my faults so I can improve and learn from them. :D


1. Alfie's Always Amazing

Oh My little Alfie is quite small, not very tall, but most deffinatly cool. He's all white with brown patches here and there. I take him with me everywhere and anywhere. He puts the Jack to Russell and he likes to tussle. Play fighting and running aound the garden. He is pretty fast, never last in any race. He has a heart of gold at six monthes old. Oh it has been told that he's the cutest dog anyones ever seen. He is never mean. He is amazing, never seen lazing. Always full of energy. Alfie's the best, better than the rest. He's my dog. We sit on a log together through all kinds of weather. He's as light as a feather. My hand to his touch, it doesn't take much for my heart to melt as I look into his eyes. There a muddy brown. He turns any frown into a smile that lasts a while. I feel I could run a mile with Alfie at my side. I could walk the whole wide world. Do anything with my special best friend.


Alfie always seems a happy dappy little pup. He is a lively little thing. I have always taken him under my wing. His wagging tail, as he follows the trail to my heart. He can be a cheeky little rascal. Running around amock all day. He has no care as to what the clock hands say. He's so sociable and friendly. Always trying to be good, he's easily understood. He loves to play with his toys. The constant sqeaking annoys. But he's happy, so I'm happy. He's just had a bath and off he goes into the garden. He rolls in the dirt. Annoying little squirt! He's all dirty again. A funny sight to see. Him running about feeling free. He's rather small in size. He's also rather cute. I love him so very much. He's the bestest dog I could ever ask for, I wouldn't want anything more. Just me and my special little Alfie. Oh Alfie's Always Amazing!

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