Take me home

This is a story about Harry and a girl named Emma . They meet at a club and it's almost love at first sight


4. "Is this your new lady?"

I walk out to the kitchen and see 4 other guys "who are they?" I ask Harry grabbing a blanket off the couch to cover up my body me only being in my underwear and a tank top
"This is Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn," they are friends of mine. They all stare at me. I run into the bedroom awkwardly to put on some clothes. I open my suit case and pull out my blue jeans. I slide my legs into them, my legs get caught in the little rips then I slide on my nirvana tee shirt, I make my way back to the kitchen
"Sorry I just went to get dressed" I laugh sitting on Harry's lap. I wrap my arms around his neck to keep myself up.
"Is this your new lady?" The blonde one asks
"Yes" Harry says, he looks at me and winks. The grin on my face turns to a major smile . He kisses my check. Harry has never actually asked me out this kinda just happened. I have felt a strong attraction ever sense I first lated eyes on him.
"I'm Emma I'm 18 years old and I love tacos" I introduce myself . They all laugh. I smile as Harry whispers In my ear "what do u wanna so today?" I laugh and whisper back,
"How about we go to a movie?" He smiles .
"You guys want to go to the movies?" He asks his sexy British accent fills my ears , they all agree .

As we make our way to the car louis and Niall fight for the fount seat , I push them both out of the way and sit, they both give me dirty looks and hop in the back.
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