Take me home

This is a story about Harry and a girl named Emma . They meet at a club and it's almost love at first sight


2. "I'm here for you babe"

Chapter 2
I open the envelope and pull out the letter
Dear Emma,
Call me sometime
I smile and slip the envelope In my pocket.

"Sorry I took so long their was a hot blonde..." Katt says sitting back at the table I smile
"Is that all you think about?"
"No I think About myself and you..."
I roll my eyes
"So how did it go with brown that curly haired goddess?"
"What do you mean?" I ask
" I saw him flirting with you" I blush
Flirting with me? I think to myself, why me?

Trying to ignore this I look at the time it's 1:45 AM
"Katt I think we should get home" she looks at the time
"It's only 1:45"
"I know but I'm not feeling to good"
I grab my bag and make my way to the car, katt follows. We get in the car
"Why are you being a bitch?" She asks me
"Yes you a bitch, just because 1 good looking guy flirts with you doesn't mean you have to be a bitch about it,"

I take a deep breath "we'll if I'm such a bitch maybe you don't need me as a room mate" I reply. We pull into the apartment and I run up to the room I start packing my stuff in boxes and putting my clothes in suit cases. I pick up my phone and call Harry
It rings
"Hello" he says


"How are you?" He asks me

"Ok I guess"

"What's wrong babe? Tell me please?"

"We'll my room mate is kicking me out and I have no where to go,"

"You can stay with me babe, I only have 1 bed but we can make it work"

"Thank you so much Harry,"

"I'll be their shortly text me your address"


"See you in a minuet love"
He hangs up
I move my boxes and suitcases to the hall way

"Where are you going?" Katt asks
"Harry's" she rolls her eyes and goes back into her room, I hear a knock on the door.
"HARRY!" I shout and hug him
He laughs and hugs me tighter "I'm here for you love,"
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