Take me home

This is a story about Harry and a girl named Emma . They meet at a club and it's almost love at first sight


3. "Don't be scared,"

As we pull into his yard I look at the gates and the trees
"This is where you live!" I shout, not believing what I am looking at
"No...it's where we live,"
I smile, he stops and stares into my eyes, I stare back, I melt admiring His gorgeous green/blue eyes. Gravity pulls us closer. His welcoming cherry lips touch mine making me melt like butter on popcorn. He pulls back,
"Why don't we take your stuff inside" Harry says jumping out of the truck. I follow and help.

"That was the last 1" Harry says setting my box of memories down on the floor. Harry flops on to the bed
"Where do I sleep?" I ask

"Right here beside me," he sits up, I sit beside him.
"Ok," I giggle. He smirks "are we going to unpack my boxes?"

"Tomorrow love. Lets go to bed," I lay down my back to him ,he kisses my cheek, his hand holds my body close, he moves his hands to my waist. I face him and set my head is his chest. He laughs and kisses my fore head. I want more but I'm scared he will find me disgusting
"Don't be scared," he looks at me, I smile and kiss him
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