Take me home

This is a story about Harry and a girl named Emma . They meet at a club and it's almost love at first sight


1. I don't need a "perfect life"

"I don't need to make my hair perfect katt," I shout back at my best friend as we get ready to go to the club
"Don't you want a boy toy?" She replies , I roll my eyes and finish getting dressed, I pull on my blue ripped jeans and then slip on my socks that have pink zebra print "I'm ready!" I shout running down the stairs I grab my black bench hoodie and then I slip my foot into my lime green DC high tops and we make our way to the club .

I look around at all the hot guys "look at him" Katt says to me
"Over their with the curly hair, in the group of guys"
I blush "katt he is to hot for me,"
"Go get him, you never know,"
I smile and walk over "hey...Im...Emma..." I pause, and look at the Goddess with the curly hair, he stares directly at me. I can tell he was staring at my boobs, I awkwardly pull up my shirt
"I'm Harry" he speaks up ,
"EMMA COME HERE!" Katt yells
"I'll talk to you later I think I'm wanted somewhere else," as I walk away I look back at Harry and he looks at me and winks.
"What did he say?" She asks me quietly
I frown "nothing, you made me come over here before he could say anything but "I'm Harry" I got a wink but that's about it,"
She smiles "he likes you," katt laughs "I'll be right back gotta use the washroom" she says to me, I sit at the table and wait for her to get back I start to fall asleep when I hear
"Hello I'm Harry, I never formally introduced myself" I sit up and smile
"I'm Emma" I reply. He smiles and sits beside me
"I am in a band maybe you herd of us were called One Direction" his strong British accent fills my ears and I melt

"No I haven't" I reply," his face shows blank expression.
"WHAT!" He shouts.
I giggle "I haven't ever herd of you guys,"
"We'll your gonna have to come see us some time,"
He lays a letter on the table Then winks and walks away.

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