My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


2. This summer

~1 week later~


Taylors POV:






"Heyy Harry, my mom wnts me to go home to america this summer!! She wont take no for an answer!!" Its been a week since i cut myself and i do it in the shower everyday, but Harry doesn't know. Also me and Louis are way better friends then me and El now. "You should go, you haven't seen her in almost a year love, plus we have a tour in america this summer." "Oh goody. Ok mom im coming, be there in a week!!" 



~2 weeks later~


I have been with my mom in New York for a week and i just died my hair black yesterday!! I have changed so much in the past week, and i painted my old room black the 2nd day i was here. Its also been a week since i saw Harry and he's coming into New York today and im at the airport waiting for him. I see him and hug him from behind. "Um girl im going to half to ask you to take your hands off Harry!!!" "Harry its me!!" "Taylor, your hair!!!" "Yeah I did, oh we half to catch up on so much!!" "Yeah y did u dye ur hair??" "Oh i felt like it, oh i am getting blonde highlights in it in an hour, want to come??" "Sure. Can Zayn come to??" "OF COURSE!!" We get outside and i see Robby, my best friend who drinks and smocks like me." "Harry Zayn this is Robby, Robby this is Harry and Zayn!!" They have a conversation while i light a cigaret. "Taylor since when do you smock??" Zayn had to ask. "Oh. Robby and I used to in highschool so when i came back i began again, haha remember when we shoplifted that target, haha good times!!!" "Taylor, love, please tell me why u r doing this to yourself!!"



"Harry, this is the person i am, i changed for you, im sorry but this is me, if you don't like it fine!!" "No i like it but plz can you just not be like this infront of of the rest of the lads??" "OK" After i got my hair done we went to see Niall, Liam, and Niall. "Taylor, its been forever i've missed u that smock in your breath??" "Oh no its my breathmint, if i eat sweets after i eat it, it does that." "OK." "so what do you guys want to do, shoplift a store, maybe rob a bank." They all look at me really weird! "Im kidding, im kidding!!" "OK good Niall got a little scared there." "Why is Niall talking in the 3rd person??" I ask Naill. "Niall doesnt really know. We all just laugh and then i reach for something and they see 1 of my scares and asks to talk to me. " What is it Louis!!" "You are still cutting yourself!!" I start to cry and i run into the kitchen and grab a knife and hold it to my wrist. "Taylor put it down, please put it down now." "SHUT UP LOUIS I WILL DO IT. I WILL DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!" They all hear me scream and run behind Louis. "OH. MY. GOD. Taylor please put it down, you don't half to do this!!" "Harry I wish I could, I have changed in the past week. I cut myself, I do drugs, I smock, I drink, I shoplift. My father abuses me!! Once i cut right here, im free from all this, dont you see Harry!!" "Please, i will help you, let me try, I Love You Taylor!!!" I drop the knife and fall to the ground. I start to try to scratch my eyes out with my finger and Louis runs over to me and makes me stop. "Taylor please stop!!" "Whats wrong with me!!! Help Me I..I..I CAN"T STOP!!" All of this comes pileing up and I kiss Louis and pull away. "Im sorry, somethings wrong with me, Harry please, it was a force, please forgive me, I should just get out of your life!!!" "Taylor no i will help  you I get it please stay!!!" I then realize i was doing was wrong. "I Im going to stop Harry, I get it!!! OMG I dont feel i need to do this anymore. I run to Harry's room and put 1 of his shirts on and walk out and they see all my cuts. "Oh Yeah These, let me explain.' I start explaining every letter i cut into my arm. "And this H is cause i missed you so much Harry!!!"


~But that was a month ago, why don't i tell you whats happening now!!!~

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