My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


14. Sing Me Something

Taylor's POV:


"Hey Justin I have been working on a Taylor Swift song can you tell me if I sing good??" "YA whateves" I grabed my guitar and started singing Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift.


I'm pretty sure we almost broke up last night


I threw my phone across the room at you


I pranced around the room singing it with Justin. He spun me around we were laughing and singing. I went up to my 1d poster and sang to it and we kept laughing at each other and it was so mush fun. We weren't even using the guitar anymore an stayed on key. When we were done we hugged and heard laughing. I turned to c Niall and Liam on the computer screen. "Wow how much did u c." "Lets just say you shouldn't keep ur computer on your bed." "Haha ya" "DO ANOTHER, YALL R GOOD!!" "NO NIALL!!" "please" "Ok what" "Um you pick"

I started to sing 22 and Justin joined in. 'its time ah oh I don't know about you but im feeling 22' me and Justin sang the whole song. When we were done we saw all the boys there but they didn't look happy. "Whats wrong" "Have you seen the news!!!" "Ya its not true" "Ya shes dating someone else right now." "JUSTIN SHUT UP!!!" "WHAT!!" "Louis let me explain, Harry please tell him, I will tell the boys and Justin." "OK" "What is it." "Well boys, me and harryarekindatogetheragain" "What??" "ME AND HARRY ARE together" "Wow didn't see that coming" "Oh Zayn just shut up ok, I didn't want to tell yall because I love Louis to and I didn't now who to choose!!" "Looks like you did." "I said shut up Zayn!!" "Hey y don't u date Justin again, yall seem really close now, and 'Justin dating a Victoria Secret Modle' sounds like a really good story love" "ZAYN HOW MANY TIMES DO I HALF TO SAY SHUT UP N GET HARRY I NEED TO TALK TO HIM ALONE!!!" All the boys left and Harry came in.


"How is he??" "He is um not ok love" "Zayns being really rude about it" "He will open up, now they said that you ar a good singer, sing me something"

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