My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


1. Over Again

Chapter 1: Over Again


Hi im Taylor, no not Taylor Swift, i wish!! So me and today is our 1 yearaversery and guess what i found in Harry's top shelf where he always hides stuff from me!! A leather box with a diamond ring in it!!!! Ahhh Harry is in the shower but the water turned off so i jumped off the bed and started tooking at our pictures. "Hello love, what are you doing in here??" "Oh nothing, you remember what today is??" "No, wait yes, its Cher's birthday, thanks for reminding me, better give her a call!!" "Oh ya thats what its is, well i half to go talk to Eleanor, see you later!" I tried not to show how heart i was that he didnt remember our yearaversery!! I walked out, got in my car and called El. "Hello Tay, how are you??" "HE DIDNT REMEMBER, HE FORGOT HE DOESNT CARE, IM NOTHING TO HIM, IM COMING TO YOU AND LOU'S I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!" I let all the tears stream out of my eyes while i rode over there. "Hey Tay Shhh Shhh its ok and Lou's here and you can talk to us about it, we both love talking to you plus maybe he can talk to him??" "Your right ok i'm here. be in in a sec bye" I hung up, got out my pocket knife and cut a little on my arm and wiped off the blood, I have never cut myself so i thought, why not start now. "Hey El u there??" "Ya in here." I walked into the kitchen and saw her and Lou making food, I forgot to put my sleve down so Lou saw the cut. "Tay whats that??" "Oh ya I cut myself on accident with my key in the car." "Ok??" "So Tay you want to talk about what happened??" "El Harry He....He....He forgot our anivesary and i just i just!!" I just let it allpour out, what i didnt cry out in the car. "Oh its ok you can stay here for the night if you want??" "Thanks Lou, im going to go to the bathroom. Once i got into the bathroom i started cutting myself and crying. I was stupid for not locking the door cuz Lou came in and saw me!! "Oh My God Tay don't do that!!" "Harry obviosley doesnt like me, why not!!" "Is that my name cut into your arm??" "Ya, i just had to!!" "Ok well lets get you cleaned up, Harry is coming, would you like to put on 1 of my jackets so he wont see?" "PLEASE!!!"

**Harry got there**


Harry's POV:

"Hey Harry, im making dinner. Lou and Tay are upstairs, they wanted you to go up there." "OK" I walked upstairs not knowing what to expect. I saw Lou and Tay talking in the bathroom talking and laughing, why were they there, then i saw it, blood on the floor. "Hey Lou, Hey Tay, Whats with the bloody blood on the floor??" "Harry, I love you bbbut I..I....I Lou can you tell him??" "Harry Tay...well y doesnt she just show you." She lifted up Lou's jacket sleeve and i saw cuts and I just fell apart. "TAYLOR, OH.MY.GOD. WHEN DID YOU DO THAT, OH MY PLEASE DONT TELL ME YOU STARTED THIS TODAY!!" Luckly i didn't sound mad "Harry i have been doing this since i came here and its hard for me to say this, but i like the feeling!!!" 

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