My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


16. Louis

***just a heads up, the rest of the story is Taylors POV endless it says someone else and I'm sorry I don't update a lot but also I was wondering if y'all could help me with he story by like commenting cuz I have no idea what to do, thanks!!!***

Justin dropped me off and when I walked in I saw Kat, she had just gotten back from her trip to London. "KAT!!!!!" "TAY!!!!!" We hugged and talked "Tay I met this guy and we really hit it off, he's really good in bed btw" "Of course you would say that" "The thing is, I'm moving in with him" "NO I DEMAND YOU STAY!!!!!" "I'm sorry I'm inlove with him" "Ok as long as ur happy, I'm happy, when r u leavin????" "Right now Acctually " "Y" "I have to luv u bye!!!" "Bye" I was sooo sad I needed a friend so I called Louis

Louis: Hey Tay
Me:Hey can you come over??
Louis: Ya is anything wrong love??
Me: No I just need a friend
Louis: Is it ok if Harry comes to??
Me: No he can't come sorry I need my best friend
Louis: Ok love c u soon

****20 minutes later****
I was watching tv when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to c a concerned Louis. "What's wrong Tay??" "Nothing it's just Kat moved out cuz she found a guy and I needed a friend to talk to" "Ok let's watch A movie" He went over and put in a movie but wouldn't let me know til it started. When I finally saw the title I laughed "The Hunger Games??" "Ya love" I got up to press play and layed back down into Louis arms and we cuddled. I remember Kat told me that if you cubbies a person ur inlove with them. I guess it's true cuz I have been inlove with Louis and always will be. I must have fallen asleep cuz I woke up to the credit but in a weird position. Louis was holding me at the waist and I was facing him with my arms around his neck like we were kissing. I decided to wake him up with a kiss. I leand in and kissed him and eventually he started to kiss me back. "Well hello love" "Hello handsome, I have a question" "yes" "How did we get in this position" I heard laughter behind me and I quickly turned around to c Harry. "HARRY HOW THE FUCK DID U GET IN HERE" "Love I know u to well, I know where you keep the spare key" "Y did u put us in this position??" "Love who r u talking to??" "Harry" "Harry's not there love" "I turned to c nobody there "Oh maybe I was just imagining" "Ya" He leaned in for another kiss and I leaned in to. We made out for a while then I pulled away. "Louis I am sorry I hurt u so much" I heard a knock and the door and I opened it the the paparazzi. "Is it true about you and Justin??" "Did Harry really cheat on you?" I screamed Louis and he came. "R you and Louis together" "NOO" Louis got them away and I was relieved that they went away. "Sorry love" "Thanks, now where were we" I grabbed him and we started kissing again and I pulled away and said "I love you, Louis"
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