My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


15. Interview w/ Justin

Taylor's POV:


"Sorry can't, me and Justin r going to an interview and telling them the truth" Right when I said that I heard the door open and Louis voice. "How would u like it if I told her u were also dating Taylor Swift huh?? The truth, that ur cheating on her, AGAIN" "WHAT!!!" "Oh im sorry shes on the computer isn't she??" "HARRY, WHAT??" "It's.... it's... it's" "WHAT IS IT YOU SICK LITTLE BASTARD!!!" "IM SORRY WE AREN'T DATING THOUGH!!!" "YOU EXPECT ME TO TRUST YOU AFTER THIS!!!! NIALL WAS RIGHT, I SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM YALL FOR A WHILE!!" Then I hung up, words could not discribe how I felt. Me and Justin left for the interview he had and i was going to be joining him. He started the interview and I heard "Welcome the newest Victoria Secret model, Taylor Alexis" I walked on and waved at the at the screaming crowd and acted happy "Well hello Taylor, how are you??" "Better now, most people just say Taylor, and thats how people know me as, thanks for using my last name." I remembered that the show as live so I hoped Harry was watching. "So, there have been rumours about you two, is it true??" "N...." "Yes" I said without even thinking. Justin looked at me then smiled and I smiled back" "Enough smiling, who wants to c these 2 kiss, right on the show" the whole crowd started chanting Kiss Kiss Kiss. He started leaning in and I did to and we did a small little kiss. The whole crowd clapped. "So how long have you to been together??" I looked at him and looked at the interviewer "Since yesturday at 6 flags" "Oh so a new relationship, and for yalls 2 day being together, boys bring out the check!!!!" I couldn't believe my eyes when I say a $10,000 check being handed to Justin but he pointed to me. "No give it to her, she diserves it more than me" They handed it to me and I took it. "So Taylor, We heard that u and Harry and the boys r all friends??" "Yaaaaaaaa sure. Ok where am I going to put this check right now" A guy came o and took the check and we went back to the interview. "Well we got a surprise for you, Boys come out" I looked and saw all the boys walk out and they all looked happy. I got up and gave them all but Harry a hug and hugged Louis extra long and whispered into his ear. "Its not true about me and Justin its ok" "I know ur my best friend I know when ur lying love" I laughed and sat down next to Justin and Harry. Me and Harry never looked at each other and leaned away from each other. "Whats with the tension in the room" For the first tme in the interview we looked at each other but rolled our eyes. "Ok whats wrong??" "Nothing hes just a jerk" "Oh well ur a bitch!!!" "Ur a bastard!!" "Ur a......" "WOW GUYS calm down, whats wrong" "Whats wrong is HES A CHEATER A LIAR AND EVERYTHING INBETWEEN!!!" I got so mad, I stormed off the set and Harry ran after me. "Well guys lets go to the camra backstage" I heard, time to make a scene. "Taylor im sorry, I d..." Then I slapped him "YOU AND TAYLOR SWIFT, YOU AND TAYLOR SWIFT, I FOUND THAT OUT TODAY THAT U CHEATED ON ME, NO NOT BY U, BY MY BEST FRIEND WALKING IN ON ACCIDENT!!!!!!!! YOU THINK IM GOING TO FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT, WELL IM NOT, I FORGAVE YOU ONCE AND THAT WAS HUGE MISTAKE!!" Then I slapped him again and ran off crying.when I stopped crying a guy tapped on my shoulder and I turned around "Hi you must be Taylor Alexis, i'm Ryan and how wold you like to take ur modeling to the next step, im talking all over the world, Tokyo, London, New York, Japan, and more. You also get ur own assistant security and your own limo with its own driver, only $5,000 and we get 10% of the money you earn" "R u serious??" "As more serious as I have ever been" "I will take it" "Good, heres my card. Meet me at my office tomorrw" "OK" I walked into my dressing room and got my stuff ready. When the boys came backstage I had just walked out with my bag. "Justin, I am so sorry" "Its ok, I kinda knew what you were doing." "K lets just go"

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